Snow and Steady


This morning the forecast predicted snow, but I really really wanted to run outside. I love the outdoors and am so sick of having to stay inside :( I put on layers and layers of clothes and went out to brave the cold. My knee started hurting around mile four and then it started to snow. So, I turned around and headed back home. I did 7 miles total - they were very slow, I … [Read more...]

Use Your Noodle


I have been craving peanut noodles for a while now, but keep forgetting to make it. Tonight I remembered and roasted up some broccoli to go with it. Yum! In the afternoon I had some carrots with hummus and cereal with milk. I also ate part of a muffin (while standing, no pic)... The Beck Diet - Let me clarify for those who aren't familiar - The Beck Diet Solution Workbook is … [Read more...]