Pancakes and Almond Butter

I had been craving pancakes since yesterday so I knew exactly what was on the menu this morning as soon as I woke up! In my pancake mix: 1/2c egg beaters, 1/3c oat bran, salt, vanilla, chia seeds, cinnamon, dash of seltzer and stevia. I added sliced bananas to the batter after I poured it in the pan (you can see them on the under side).

It made two dee-lish ‘cakes! I topped them with maple syrup and a very generous serving of this new almond butter from TJ’s.

Oh my gosh! I think this is my new favorite nut butter! It’s a bit on the salty side (which I love!!!), but just to warn those of you who don’t appreciate that.

Now I’m off to church and then some time with the elliptical and a magazine :)


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    We don’t have that butter at TJ’s yet. When you go there next you must buy the mangos covered in chili. I saw that you received a package with a bunch of stuff from TJ’s. Do you not have one? If not I’ll totally send you some of those mango’s covered in Chili if you think you’d love them like I do. Beware though–they’re a trigger food.

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      Lindsay, I always have seen those, but they never call my name. I think it’s because I thought chili covered candy was gross as a kid (the ice cream man used to sell it).

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