Take a Snow Walk

Church was a fail! When Ben and I pulled up the parking lot was empty!? We’re not registered members of this church so I’m sure they let people know somehow, but we were very surprised!

Despite the cold, it is very sunny today so we decided to take a walk. Ben and I strolled around for about an hour. It’s very pretty out, with everything dusted white (but it’s not growing on me :)).

We both thought it was so crazy how big these chunks of ice were! They were falling off a building right by the trail we were on – shouldn’t there be cones so people stay away?

So pretty! Cold, but pretty…

I thought eating a lot of nut butter with breakfast would keep me fuller longer, but nope – I was hungry within a few hours.Ā  I was thinking about lunch on the way home and knew I wanted an apple, just wasn’t sure what to have it with…

I ended up heating up the peanut noodle leftovers and the last of my chickpea casserole. Yum! I usually “save” leftovers for dinner or give them to Ben. It was so nice to enjoy a dinner type meal in the middle of the day.

I had a dark chocolate square for dessert. I can seriously eat dark chocolate after every meal and snack.

Now I should go to the store to get some veggies, since we don’t have any in the house (except boring ol’ carrots), but I don’t feel like putting all my layers back on :(


  1. says

    Ditto on the dark chocolate.
    Way to get out there in the snow again!
    I tend to hibernate; I wasn’t made for snow.
    Like you, I grew up in CA and then moved to FL as a teen, so I’m not quite used to this hard winter stuff. Two winters in VA and one in MD have helped initiate me, but not enough to make me enjoy it.

    Have a good afternoon.

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