Pantry Staples and Over Run Oats

Hello hello!!! Glad to see everyone loves Heather’s Guest Post! If you haven’t checked it out yet – do it now :)

This morning I made “Pumpkin Over-Run Oats” for breakfast. They were basically overnight oats, but I just let them sit during my run and not overnight. I have found an hour or so is enough time for oats to get soft and soak up the liquid. Estimated in the mix: 1/3c oats, 1/3 yogurt, 1/3 pumpkin, 1/4c soy milk, chia seeds, stevia, cinnamon, salt and pumpkin pie spice. Mix and let sit for an hour or so. I added more soy milk and topped it with granola and almond butter to eat.

More Anonymous Questions…

Question: What are some of your grocery staples?

Monica: There are a few things that I always have on hand. Even though I “officially” became veg again this year, I really have been 98% vegetarian (sometimes vegan) for over six years. So, I always have protein in the form of veggie burgers, yogurt or cottage cheese, hummus and beans.

Since I’m a self proclaimed carb lover I have multiple types of bread and cereals around. I currently have wraps, regular bread and sandwich thins plus four kinds of cereal, oatmeal and oat bran.

I also always have a lot of fruits and veggies. Even though it’s just Ben and I living here I still shop at Costco for my produce. This means I keep a contant stock and try to eat it all before it goes bad!

Hello Lover ;)

When it’s in season you will always find watermelon in my house. I buy them two at a time and eat it crazy style.

"Nut butter" is a common term around here.

And I wouldn’t be able to call myself a self respecting healthy lifestyle blogger if I didn’t have several nut butters and nuts in my kitchen! I also have trail mix, but if I got that out for a pic I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from digging in :)

Question: How did you get your blog out there and create such a large reader base? Was it just commenting on other blogs? And how many page views do you generally have each day? Do you still comment on a lot of blogs?

Monica: I started this blog two years ago from the end of this month – wow, time flies! My reader base mostly expanded through commenting or links from other blogs. Since I was in CA until recently, and I feel less bloggers live in that area, I wasn’t able to do many blogger meet-ups and make friendships and connections that way.

I don’t comment on blogs half as often as I’d like to, but since the new year I’ve been making a huge effort to make more comments and let other bloggers know I’m reading :)

Question: Do you ever get tired of or upset about peoples’ comments on your blog? I know people are really blunt and overly critical over the internet and when they comment and I think it takes a strong person to deal with all that. Just wondered your thoughts…

Monica: I don’t really get mean comments on Run Eat Repeat. I actually don’t know why not? I do know from speaking with other bloggers, that people say really mean things in comments and I don’t get it.

My theory: I think meanness often comes out of jealousy and since I am so open with my faults on the blog, people don’t feel the need to be jealous or cut me down. Wait, should I be sad that I’m so lame no one feels jealous of me? Boo.

I have never gotten a comment that was so mean I had to delete it. I think I would if it was just mean spirited and would potentially offend other readers, but I haven’t had to yet.

My other theory:

I think all my readers know I’m…

a.) Mexican

b.) from Pico Rivera

c.) Bigger than them

and would rather not f with me 😉

Note: I will answer all questions, but I’m going a little out of order as I’ve been answering some of the shorter ones lately. If you have an anonymous question for me ask away here!!!

Wait, I run!

I was having so much fun answering questions I almost forgot I ran today! I did a treadmill speed work-out based on Meghann’s Fartlek run from last week. It was difficult! And I think  fartlek (pronounced fart-lick) runs are a lot more fun outside. The word literally means speed play, so shouldn’t it feel like playing?


  1. says

    Okay, I’ve been reading your blog for a long while and had NO IDEA you were Mexican. How did I not know this??

    I love the kitchen staples. I’m particularly impressed with the regular watermelon-buying… I’m too lazy to cut them up.

  2. says

    I love Trader Joe’s oatbran. It’s all that keeps me from going poor with food.
    By the way, I bought the almond butter from TJ! Can’t wait to see how it tastes. My excuse for getting it: Monica told me to, haha

  3. says

    i have no patience to wait an hour for my oats to soak up everything! i think that if i tried to prep it before i ran then i’d just end up eating them then and there haha

  4. says

    duuude i cant wait until melons and tomatoes are back in season! YUM. i had 5 new posts of yours i caught up on, so instead of commenting on each~ just commenting here. love the plan for the month. i like the brush/floss right after dinner plan. i think i am going to steal that idea :)

  5. says

    I love how you are incorporating a few questions into each post!

    I think you’re right about mean comments…I bet people who seem more “perfect” and less “real” get more mean comments out of jealousy. I think the reason so many people love your blog is because you are real and relatable. No one is perfect, and the blogs I like most are the ones where people show their vulnerabilities.

  6. Lauren says

    I *finally* made some 1-Hour Oats-delish! I mixed some Craisins in with mine but I’m thinking some chopped nuts would be good also. I also micro’d them just to make them nice and warm and honestly? How did I go for so long without these?! I get so many good meal ideas from this site, thanks. :)

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