Weight Loss Victory – Liam


I recently found out my friend, Liam, lost over 60 pounds and started running! He said he found the Couch to 5K program on my blog and now is going to run a 5K! I was so impressed and inspired I had to interview him and get his weight loss story. Here it is... Pounds lost – 63 How long it took – Feb 4th 2009 – Dec 20th 2009 Occupation – Video Production / Software … [Read more...]

Playing it by Knee


Bad news: My magic pill = New Shoes did not prevent my knee from hurting on today's short run :( My knee has still been hurting me on every run, so I'm going to play the half marathon this weekend by "knee" - instead of by "ear". I don't want to make it worse, so I want to see how it feels on Friday before I decide whether I'm running or not. The pain has not gotten any … [Read more...]

It’s a Wrap! I mean Wrapper!


I kinda cheated on my No Eating After Dinner rule because I planned dinner to be very snacky. So, it ended up feeling like I was eating after dinner! But, I can only show you wrappers because my camera completely ate all the pictures I took today. Boo :( I really need a new camera, but I won't be saved up for two more months... Dinner was a meal of many parts, first up: Luna … [Read more...]