Something to look forward to


Since I've decided to lay low on running a bit I need something to look forward to! I've been wasting a lot of time planning out my next races on It is a great time killer, and helps me look forward to my 2010 Race Calendar :) Lunch was my last meal at home before leaving for CA and my last chance to use up anything that may go bad over the next couple of days. I … [Read more...]

Weird Waffle Wednesday


I knew I had Kashi waffles in the freezer that were on their last leg so I wanted to make them for Waffle Wednesday this morning. But, one waffle was a lot thicker and a little bigger around then the other! It resulted in one of them getting burnt in the toaster even though I cooked them for the same amount of time. I topped the waffles with greek yogurt mixed with chia seeds, … [Read more...]

Ice, Ice Baby


Everyone was curious about my weird ice pack. Ha! I got it from Target a while back. It is actually made for icing and came in a row of four ice squares. I cut it in half so I have two of them. One side is flat and the other has the ice squares... Lunch was random handfuls of crackers and cheese - no pic because I didn't expect to actually eat that much. Since I didn't feel … [Read more...]