Not Depressed

I think I have been living in a constant state of depression and didn’t even realize it! Because I am way too happy right now. I’m happy to be outside and not wearing five layers, see my dogs, smile, thaw out… I could go on :)

My mom faked me out with Greek yogurt in the fridge, I got excited until I realized it had expired. Boo. So, I took a quick walk to the store for some essentials. The closest store doesn’t have greek yogurt so I had to do my best with that choice, but I do love those bagels!

Then, I made myself a big bowl of cottage cheese, cereals, fruit and PB. That new PB is not very good, by the way.

Now I am going to take the perros for a walk and then drive down to San Diego to pick up Ben. He is wrapping up his work conference today and will be hanging out the rest of the time with us. SD is about 2 hours south of here – let’s hope I don’t hit too much traffic on the way back!

I’ve also come up with a completely ridiculous plan for preparing for my next race! Yeah!

See you later…


  1. says

    Have a fun drive. If you’re going on the 5, you shouldn’t hit too much traffic right about now. My husband and I go to San Diego (we live in Ventura County but he’s from SD) once a month or so.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself!

  2. says

    I totally understand the depression thing. When I got back to NY from CA last month, I seriously thought I was depressed for a while. It’s amazing how weather affects mood. Now, I just make a conscious effort to smile (cheesy I know) but surprisingly I feel a ton better!

  3. Lorin says

    Yay for San Diego!!! I live here and it’s pretty awesome. If you are in Encinitas, Del Mar, or La Jolla look for Pannikin’s cafe, it’s amazing! The lines are sometimes long but that’s because they have good food! There’s really good salads, sandwhiches, pastries, soup and coffee drinks! Definately recommend it.

  4. Becky says

    I feel the same way whenever I visit home (North Carolina). I feel like I can BREATHE the minute I step off the plane. New York (my new home) just suffocates me. I miss all the trees and land and open spaces in NC. NY is too crowded and stuffy and full of buildings. Enjoy your visit home. Savor every minute. I know I always do. :)

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