Two Miles


This morning's run was a major fail. First, it started to sprinkle as soon as I was ready to leave and then my knee started to hurt around 1.35 miles and I stopped running at two miles. Boo. It pretty much stops hurting as soon as I stopped running so I walked home fine. The only reason I went on a run at all was because I wanted to see if my knee would hold up to the half … [Read more...]

Nine and Nine in Nine


First, a picture from my drive today... It was absolutely gorgeous in So Cal :) Last night I was lamenting to Ben (yes, I lament – what, you don’t?) that I, after taking a few days off for my knee’s sake, want to get faster and fitter and thinner. I told him I found a half marathon in MD that is in nine weeks... Me: "I want to lose nine pounds and nine minutes in nine … [Read more...]