Sunday Cereal


Sometimes a simple, cereal breakfast is the best. I mixed up Special K Protein cereal, Kashi Might Bites and Shredded Wheat with some leche. The only problem was I was hungry again after an hour. Fail. Note to self: Eat some fat with breakie or you're headed for a breakie down :) Then, we took a nice walk with the dogs - today looks like it's going to be gorgeous!!! I wish I … [Read more...]

Out to Lunch


Right when we were about to eat lunch my Nino and Nina called and invited us to lunch at Sizzler. Far be it for me to turn down a salad bar, so I was all over that. But, since it was noon and Sizzler wasn't until 2pm, I needed a snack... I had chickpeas, fruit  tuna with crackers. Random, maybe. Delicious and just what I wanted, yes. After a quick visit to my Grams it was … [Read more...]