Walk, Don’t Run


Last week I decided to take a week off of running to let my knee relax and heal. I planned on running again today, but between the snowpocalypse and a late start to my day, I ended up taking an hour walk on the treadmill after breakfast. I have a new friend at the gym (Hi Stephen!) and we chat it up while walking. And by "chat it up" I mean, I bitch about the snow and he … [Read more...]

In Too Deep


Ben's car got stuck in our very snow covered parking lot and he needed help this morning. He was completely covered in snow by the time I got outside to help him and I felt really bad :( This picture is very pretty, but living in this is very unpleasant. Since he was trying to get the wheels unstuck I was able to stay inside the car and steer it. Little by little we inched … [Read more...]

Making Healthy Food Appealing


We recently received a coupon flier from McDonald's. I guess Ben thought it was weird that I kept it so he flipped through it. Then he saw this ad and said, "I know what you want from McDonald's, this..." Yes, have you heard? McDonald's has oatmeal. Now, I haven't tried it yet, but this is what I've heard... It's maple oatmeal with dried fruit at about 280 calories. But, … [Read more...]