Can I Buy You a Drank?

I have a drinking problem. It’s that I drink too much. Of everything. All the time.

I do need T-Pain to buy my a drank. A lot of dranks actually…

In addition to my daily water habit, here are some of my drinks today:

A lot of seltzer…

a lot of diet soda :(

Iced coffee (pic from yesterday, but true all the same)

Wine (not the whole bottle)


Poor woman’s juice = Half carrot juice and half OJ

I ate a bunch of stuff too… Stuff like pita chip crumbs in hummus (with a fork because they were too small to use as a scoop). One day I will have friends and they may come over and want some hummus too, and that’s the day I will stop eating it right out of the container. Until then, leave me a lone.

And brussel sprouts because I am an addict. Help.

And bananas with Almond Butter because I was really hungry mid-afternoon and couldn’t decide if I needed fat or protien to stop my hunger. Let’s put it this way – the fat only held me for an hour. WTF.

And I ate some dark chocolate that I didn’t picture because if you don’t take a picture of it – then it didn’t happen right?

Intuitive Eating – I’ve been noticing my hunger more, which is good. But, I still don’t know how to fully satisfy my body and my cravings. If I eat something just because it’s what I “should” eat – I still want something else. But, if I only listen to my cravings and eat cereal all day – I am still hungry and just keep eating. Boo.

Question: What do you eat as an afternoon snack?

Me: Today I was deciding between greek yogurt or fruit with nut butter. I figured either one would keep me full until dinner. Well, I ended up hungry again an hour later with the fruit option. It may have just been a hungry day though…


  1. says

    I loooove carrot juice; I’ve just had to stop buying it when I realized I didn’t drink it fast enough and it went bad in my fridge :-/

    This afternoon: a granola bar(bad choice but I was in class) and chocolate avocado pudding. I find things with protein and fat to be the better option

  2. says

    shoooooot girl there are worst things u could be addicted too than sprouts! ive been CRAVING them lately! SOOO good w. hummus!!

    afternoon snack: balance bar (if im in class) or kays naturals, if im at home i do pita chips dipped in greek yogurt or yogurt w. pb2 and cereal!

  3. says

    Sigh, I’ll never get the snacking thing right. Usually I’ll have sensible snack, but find that it’s not enough and then continue to eat and eat until I’m full and then I ruin my appetite. But still eat dinner. I’m a mess.
    I think protein works best for me. I love pb and graham crackers. Today I had greek yogurt mixed with some pumpkin with crumbled gingersnap cookies. That was really good.

  4. Lauren says

    My afternoon snack tends to be 1-hour oats or a piece of fruit with almond or cashew butter. My snacking has been outta control lately, and I don’t know what that means. :( It seems like I am ALWAYS hungry.

  5. says

    I do the same thing. I am a snack monster. I find the pb/banana combo holds me over really well. I also like green yogurt and berries and a few almonds. I need to stop the snacking up till dinner though. It’s tough, I’ve been having good days and bad.

  6. says

    well at least youre well hydrated :)

    i tend to have cereal and yogurt in the afternoon. it really hits the spot for me. and a diet coke with lime.

  7. says

    Would it be possible to have just a small portion of what you’re craving, in addition to something you “should” eat? When I get cravings for chocolate, I give in to it in small amounts, but then pair it with fruit or something that isn’t as nutritionally-void. But I guess with cereal that would be tough.

  8. says

    I am having the same exact problem! i have been more in tune w/ my hunger lately but i can’t seem to find things to satisfy. i’m trying both the fat and protein route but nothing is working. boo. hopefully we’ll find something soon!

  9. Amanda says

    Good for you in noticing your hunger! I feel your pain though: sometimes its just a hungry day (why?!) and eating 4 bowls of cereal seems right. Then you’re still hungry. Can’t win. lol

  10. says

    I use to eat all the time because I was always hungry after an hour. I started learning this wasn’t going to work for the rest of my life. I started eating more well rounded meals. I made sure I had fruit/veggies, some type of fat, protein, and a whole grain carb if I felt I needed that extra carb. Other then that these meals keep me more satisfied and less likely to feel hungry after an hour.

    I find cereal not to be a meal at all, it always leaves me hungry and craving something sweet and with fat. After I eat cereal I always need a scoop of nut butter to feel satisfied. I usually have cereal as a dessert because if I eat it as a meal like for breakfast it almost like empty calories for me because it is never satisfying.

    I think once you are able to find the foods that work for you, your intuitive eating will come more natural for you but if know you are noticing nothing is satisfying you, then it might be the type of food you are consuming? Just something to think about :) I’m no expert but it is all a learning game.

  11. steph says

    pistachios. I’ve discovered recently they’re pretty filling, and the extra effort to eat them makes it harder to go overboard!

  12. says

    There aint no better way to eat chip crumbs than with a fork and some dip. No wait, there is. It’s with a spoon and some salsa straight form the jar. Oink oink baby.
    You’re just a girl after my own heart.

  13. Alyssa says

    I think I am addicted to roasted broccoli like you are to brussel sprouts! I know there are worse addictions but it can get expensive :). I am a creature of habit so I have basically the same exact snack every day but it almost always fills me up (except on those special “hungry days”). I’m a teacher so my only chance to eat lunch is about 2 hours after breakfast, so I eat something light then (like veggie soup) then after school I always have carrots and hummus, and some sort of yogurt (recently switched to greek) with some sort of grain mixed in (usually fiber one). My hubby coaches so this keeps me full until he gets home for dinner at like 8pm, sometimes later! I am taking a class and the professor recently said “i wish I could eat that much and not get fat” – um, it may LOOK like a lot, but it’s a lot less calories and more filling than those chips from the vending machine everyone else is eating!

  14. says

    I’m always drinking a lot too (and not just wine, HA!) and lately have been trying to do the “intuitive” eating thing as well. Problem is? I’ve been SO HUNGRY lately so I’ve battled myself a bit. I feel like I’m eating often because I’m feeling that hunger strike (and actual hunger, not “bored” hunger) and then I worry “am I eating too much??” which I’ve got to stop doing. I, like you, am always trying to find the “right” things to eat so I’m feeling satisfied but sometimes all that I want is to devour a box of cheeze-its which would definitely not be good but would taste so delightful 😉 My afternoon snacks lately have revolved around greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit chopped up on top. YUM!

  15. says

    I love the way you eat hummus! And why are brussels sprouts so addicting? I love them.
    As far as snacking- I find I’m just most hungry between the hours of 3pm and 7pm. Generally I have another meal in those hours. Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin bread- 2 pieces (one with peanut butter, one with jam) and a Fage 2% yogurt. For a long time I tried to just have something smaller- Fage and an apple, nut butter on toast, etc, but it was never ever enough. I hope you find what works for you!
    Intuitive eating is tough because my intuition tells me to eat peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, so I try to impose variety.

  16. says

    It’s funny you wrote this post because I am the SAME way. When I went to France 2 years ago I felt like a crazy person b/c I was constantly asking for more water, more diet coke, more anything just to drink. Their glasses were so small and I just couldn’t get enough. Even when I go to my boyfriends parents house for dinner they put the jug of water next to me (how embarrassing) because they know I ask for a refill like 5 times during the meal. I can’t help it, but I love to hydrate as I’m eating or anytime really during the day. You’re not alone. I also have an addiction to brussels sprouts. They are so dang good!

  17. says

    I have to pack my lunches for work, so my snacks are usually planned in the morning. Lately, I’ve been having an apple and a black bean brownie (gotta have that chocolate!), or an apple with nut butter.

    I definitely think you should have what your body wants, but you should also try to think about what your body needs. Like if you want hummus and chips, maybe have hummus with homemade whole-grain pita chips.

    I find pairing a carb with a protein and a fat (like nut butter) satisfies my hunger in the afternoon.


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