Cinnamon and Cereal

I have been adding cinnamon to our coffee grounds to make a yummy cinnamon flavored brew without buying a specialty coffee. I used to add it to the cup directly, but this works well too :)

This morning I was hungry and wanted to eat “a little something” while getting ready/before going to the gym to take a walk. I put a little cereal in a bowl and ate it. Then, I wanted more so I took a little more. Finally, I decided this was breakfast NOT “a little something”. I had to commit to cereal as my breakfast and not cereal in addition to the breakfast I was already planning. I added half a naner with AB for staying powder.

After a walk on the dreadmill, while talking to my mom :) I came back for a shower and an apple.

Someone living near the gym was cooking bacon and it made the whole gym smell.

And someone keeps peeing in the snow around here!? Seriously?See you later :)


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    I used to drink honey/cinnamon tea. It’s really delicious and tricks my mind into thinking that I’m losing weight. The tea is supposed to help you lose weight. But I don’t know if that’s true. But then again, they say cinnamon itself will help with weight loss. So maybe….

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