Trying To Run Again


So, after a whole week off I tried a run on the treadmill this morning. I really had no idea how my knee would react, so I didn't make any big goals for myself. I just wanted to do 6 miles slowly. My knee did start hurting a bit before mile two :( But not as much as before so I ran through it. I know you're never supposed to run through knee pain (or really any pain). Injury … [Read more...]

Food I Don’t Need


Cabin fever had me super crazy today so I bundled up and walked to the store. It was the first time I left my apartment in days. Days! Seriously. But, I was enjoying my time out so much I ended up at the store for one and a half hours and also ended up buying a bunch of stuff we do not need :( I am lame. First, I got some Fig Newmans because I wanted a "healthy cookie". … [Read more...]