Trying To Run Again

So, after a whole week off I tried a run on the treadmill this morning. I really had no idea how my knee would react, so I didn’t make any big goals for myself. I just wanted to do 6 miles slowly.

My knee did start hurting a bit before mile two :( But not as much as before so I ran through it. I know you’re never supposed to run through knee pain (or really any pain). Injury type pain is very bad. Being tired or feeling like you’re out of stamina is something you run through when you’re training for a marathon, but you should stop if you feel injured – this is an important difference. Not respecting this difference will result in a worse injury and more time off.

But – I did want to see if it would go away or lessen and also I wanted to be able to describe since I’ve decided I should hit up the doctor for some real anti-inflams. I did all 6 miles and am now icing it and taking too much IB.


I came back and iced it while I made breakfast. I have been wanted pancakes for a few days and finally took the time to make them today. In the mix: oat bran, egg whites, chia seeds, protein powder, salt, vanilla, soy milk and cinnamon. I basically just estimate it, but I would say there was 1/3 – 1/2c of the main ingredients.

For the topping I mashed up a banana with almond butter and maple syrup. Then, I heated it in the microwave. Life Changing. Do it.I love pancakes, but every time I make them I completely destroy the kitchen. There are bowls and plates and a dirty blender. Boo.

Luckily Ben ended up on dish duty :)

Ask Me Anything:

Question: Not sure if you are still doing the “ask me anything” but I thought of another question!  You were raised Catholic, but have mentioned that you are looking around for a good church in MD.  Do you still go to Catholic church or are you open to other denominations?  Does Ben go to church/did he grow up going?  Also, you have mentioned before that you wanted to work on your relationship with God.  Is your faith an important part of your life?

Monica: Wow, this is a deep question (for RER anyways)! Yes, I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school from 1st through 12th grade. I would not call myself a “practicing Catholic” now though. After high school my mom started going to a Christian church and I liked it and went there too. Ben and I attend Christian church now.

But, since I was raised Catholic I do feel like there is something about it that “feels like home”. Last year I went to Ash Wednesday services and this year we attended Christmas mass at the Catholic church I grew up at :) So, I do love celebrating some Catholic traditions.

Additional Ben info: Ben was raised Protestant. He actually had very negative views impressed upon him regarding Catholicism, which he realizes now are not true (don’t get me started on this because I think it’s really ignorant). He has attended Catholic mass with me, but I think he thinks it’s a little weird :)

Ask me anything – I’ll do this for another few days, so ask away before it’s over!

Ben and I don’t really have any fabulous plans for today or tomorrow. So, we’ll see how it all goes.

I am not big on Valentine’s Day (or most other forced holidays actually), but I love Chinese New Year so I’m hoping to hit up some Chinese food tomorrow!!!


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    Sorry to hear about your ITB issues–I just finished up 3 weeks of a hard-core NSAID (prescription) for a different inflammation issue and I think it really helped me recover (well, that and the not running part).

    Of course, now that I can run, we’re all iced over here in DC which, I guess, is probably for the best for my foot, but mentally, not so much.

    Good luck!!! At least this is the best time of year to be “down for the count” for a bit (I keep telling myself, anyway).

    I, too, was raised Catholic and while I do have many issues with the Church and it’s doctrine, it’s simply home for me and my husband. We found a very “open” church to attend here…well, as open-minded as you can be for a Catholic church LOL

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    Def get some meds form the doc and I bet a knee sleeve would help too.

    Most of my dad’s family left the Catholic church and attend Christen churches now, and they were all brought up in a super strict Catholic home. I’m non practicing too…but I’m not in any rush to start practicing again :)

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    I’ve been having knee issues too. I took yesterday off and I got new shoes today. I’m going to try running on the treadmill today to see how my knee feels.
    Hope yours gets better soon!

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    wow those pancakes look great. want to come up to MA and make me some?! haha bummer about the knee but it’s great that you are respecting it and being aware of the type of pain

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