Happy Chinese New Valentine’s Year

Today is Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day!

Last year I got Ben a singing telegram sent to his work for Valentine’s Day! Ha! You can read about it here.

And last V Day weekend we were in Big Bear for some skiing/snow boarding. February 14th is my mom’s birthday so we were celebrating with her.

So Happy Happy Chinese New Valentine’s Year to you all :)

And a special Happy Birthday to my mom!!!

Ben had flowers delivered for me this morning! He is so sweet (even though we weren’t supposed to exchange gifts). I am a lucky girl :)

Ben and I celebrated Chinese New Year Valentine’s Day with a delicious Chinese lunch. We started with those fried crispy strips that are yummy and addictive. I have to have Chinese food on the Lunar New Year – I love it!

I had the egg drop soup to warm me up. It is cold today! And even though the restaurant is only across the street, it was a chilly walk over.

And for my main dish I ordered my favorite thing – Garlic Eggplant with tofu. Actually, I normally get it with vegetarian “chick’n” and I think that’s a bit better.

With white rice of course.

My fortune was kind of lame… (even though Ben says it accurate)

But the cookie was good!

After lunch Ben asked me what I wanted to do since he was all about making today special :) I’m a cheap date because all I wanted to do was take a walk, so that’s what we did.

After an hour walk and a trip to the mall we stopped at DD on the way home because I had a coupon for a free doughnut on Valentine’s Day.Ā  I took two bites of this, but Ben ate the rest. It actually wasn’t very good :( I truly think VitaTops are better than this thing and now I’m still craving a treat.Of course I got an iced coffee while I was there too! But the barista added way too much sugar today and I already had to make her remake my first drink since she put cream, so I just drank it. Oh well, DD was a miss today.

This morning I made a special breakfast for Ben and I…

Last night Ben and I watched Revolutionary Road. Wow, what a downer!

I usually only like comedies, but there aren’t enough good ones around. I also like movies like the DaVinci Code or Bourne Identity – a little suspence without too much violence. Ha, maybe the Bourne movies do have violence now that I think about it, but I like how Matt Damon works it šŸ˜‰

Question: What kind of movies do you like?

I hope you all had a great day no matter what you did!


  1. says

    That donut looks good, too bad it stunk :( booo.

    I like mostly comedies too, a handful of good “chick flicks”, and movies that fuck with your brain and make you think, like Vanilla Sky. What a weird movie.

  2. says

    I’ve said it on my blog countless times, and I’ll proudly say it here again: I love chick lit and chick movies! Saw Valentie’s Day this afternoon and I don’t care what the critics say, it was so much fun to watch!

  3. says

    Chinese food is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. Sorry your doughnut was disappointing. It looks tasty, though.
    Even though I hardly watch movies anymore, I like a wide variety; just about anything except for sci fi and fantasy. My husband loves both sci fi and fantasy so he goes to see those alone.

  4. says

    Aww, the flowers are so pretty. You guys look like you had a fun day. I like raunchy comedy movies – Hangover, Knocked Up, Super Troopers….

  5. says

    i absolutely love action – thriller movies. and the bourne ones definitely are up there in the favs :)

    and i didn’t actually think singing telegrams were real! how cool! i must look into that haha

  6. says

    Now I’m craving AMericanized, sweet and greasy Chinese food, and it’s all your fault! ;-p

    I like comedies, but not the dumb porn-y kind like American Pie. Oh, and shh…I love Jackie Chan action movies!

  7. Allie says

    The fortune cookie made me smile. Yesterday my roommate (she’s an international student from Taiwan) that fortune cookies were made for Americans and they don’t have them!

    I love comedies but I also love the heart wrenching like Blood Diamond and Glory.

  8. says

    What a sweet guy you have! Beautiful flowers!

    I am a complete sap when it comes to movies. I love romantic comedies. We actually saw the movie Valentine’s Day…on Valentine’s Day!

  9. says

    You’re fortune is kind of lame…not really a fortune…

    I’m always disappointed when I take a bite of a donut…I don’t think they live up to their reputation. All the more reason to stay far away from a DD!

    I love rom coms (romantic comedies) but rarely turn down an action/suspense. No horror please, I’ve outgrown that and don’t care to do it anymore (and feel as though there are a lot of horror movies these days).

  10. says

    Since I’m from Massachusetts and Dunkin Donuts is like the Holy Grail there, I have a special place in my heart for it. But I’m going to say that their donuts can be hit or miss. That one you picked had so much potential though! I know what you mean about the vitatops! How are they so delicious?
    I love all kinds of movies and I work in film so I see just about everything. I’m really excited because I worked on “Shutter Island’ and it’s coming out on Friday. It should be a good one if you like suspense! Have a great day!

  11. Tammy says

    Ugh…I totally agree on Revolutionary Road..totally depressing, and I’ll never get those wasted hours back..I love Chinese New Year, too…

  12. says

    Oh, I loved Revolutiony Road. The book is even better, but I’m not sure you’d like it…anyway, I love mostly indie movies and anything that’s not a chick flick.

    DD always messes up their orders. I haven’t gone there in over a year because they suck so bad. It stinks that they have poor service everywhere :(

  13. says

    Now that I think about it, I would rarely pick a straigh-up comedy. My husband usually drags me and then I enjoy it. If it were up to me it would be drama, romantic comedy, or action-adventure.

  14. says

    That donut looks so good and I am sad it was bad (I feel like I should keep rhyming!)

    I love slapstick comedies. I can only watch action or drama’s if I am with someone else .if not, I end up walking around and start doing something else while the movie still plays.

  15. says

    Even though I know those fortunes are nothing but generalizations, I still get excited about them. =D Dunkin’ Donuts is the bomb. I love their chocolate drinks (hot or cold) and anything bavarian filled.

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