Scale Up, Scale Down

My weight can fluctuate drastically in one week. Heck, it can fluctuate drastically in one day! And I’m sure I’m not the only person this happens to.

Even though I am trying to lose weight, I know the scale cannot completely define my success. I am down 4.8 pounds from my weigh in last week. YES! But, No too. My last weigh in was the day after I got back from CA, the day after I ate a big slice of Costco pizza and other sodium filled crap. I mean, I was actually up the day after all of that!

So no, I didn’t lose almost 5 pounds in a week. But, I might have lost some weight and some water = which seems more realistic.

At this point I am just happy the  scale is moving in the right direction = DOWN.

Not Running: This morning I attempted to do a speed workout on the treadmill and couldn’t. My knee was hurting only seven minutes into my warm up, so I walked. Then, I did some of the 2 minute speed intervals and for some reason it didn’t hurt if I was going really fast for two minutes and then I would walk in between (but if I tried to jog during the rest intervals it would hurt).

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow though. This is the first time in years that I can’t run at all. Even when I got tendonitis last January I just cut back to 4 times a week and I was fine! I am very very frustrated, sad and discourgaged right now and just can’t stay positive today. Boo.

Breakfast: I was both happy and sad that my jar of TJ’s almond butter was almost empty. I am very sad this stuff is done, but I did get to make Oats in a Jar with it today!

I went with pumpkin oats and it was dee-lish! But, even though I ate this late (around 10am!) I was still hungry right at noon. I think no matter what time I eat or how big my breakfast my body still tells me to eat at my usual lunch time. Weird.Lunch: After an appointment and some errands I raced back home for lunch.  I made TJ’s frozen eggplant parm for lunch and paired it with some broccoli and a sandwich thin. I know it looks gross, but it was good!

Then, I had a Kashi granola bar for dessert (and a piece of dark chocolate and a Fig Newman). I don’t know why I was overly hungry around lunch today and it was hard to stop!

V Day: Even though every year I tell my guy and my dad NOT to buy me candy – they usually do. But , this year Ben actually listened and my dad is across the country. So, no heart shaped box filled with chocolates for me. And I’m sad :(  I’m considering hitting up a good chocolate store and getting a good piece of chocolate to enjoy today!

And though I didn’t get chocolate yesterday, I definitely indulged. This is just some of the evidence...

Question: Did you indulge yesterday?


  1. says

    My weight fluctuates like crazy. It drives me absolutely insane sometimes!

    Andy and I made cheese and chocolate fondue last night and totally indulged. But we ran together too and that sort of made up for it in a way. I’m just frustrated because my heel is killing me and my stupid knee. I think it’s time for me to see a doctor as well.

  2. says

    I definitely indulged yesterday….weekends are so difficult, especially when I am with the family.

    I don’t ever use the scale. I have no idea how much I way. Its all about how my clothes fit..

  3. Lauren says

    I indulged on Saturday and had two vanilla-creme filled donuts. :( Donuts are like crack.

    I don’t understand my weight either. I am running 4Xs per week and also weight training, so I think I’m putting on muscle, but I’m not so sure I’m shedding fat–I think I’m just adding muscle. Who knows. The scale scares me.

  4. says

    I indulged big time! I think Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to eat chocolate and lots of it. I went out with my girlfriends and after eating lunch at Wholefoods we hit up their chocolate counter. I got myself a chocolate covered strawberry and a dark covered s’mores. Then we headed to Godiva and I picked up my free piece of chocolate with a rewards card. Then that night after dinner I wanted dessert! I had vanilla ice cream with my dads chocolate toffee we got him for Vday and a dark chocolate heart truffle from Trader Joe’s. I think I did chocolate well yesterday 😉

  5. alyssa says

    I can really relate to your running frustrations! It is so annoying!! I had to take lots of time off from a muscle injury and I had to be patient knowing that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” this was not easy but now I know what to do in order to not become injured again and run stronger in the future. positive mindset has been key for me.I Hope your knee gets better soon so you can get back!!

  6. says

    I didn´t indulge yesterday!
    But only because V-day´s on June 12th in Brazil, haha.
    And I know how it is – to have weight fluctuations!
    They used to drive me mad a few months ago… when my ED was stronger :/
    I´m glad I´m able to say now it doesn´t bother me!
    Only I prefer not to weight myself too much.
    Oh, well. Living and learning!
    But your chocolate “treat” looked delicious. What was that?
    Vitatop chocolate muffin with PB?
    I´m curious!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  7. says

    Surprisingly, I didn’t overindulge yesterday, even with it being Valentine’s Day! But I did have just a bit of dark chocolate after dinner. We don’t usually exchange anything for V-Day, so I don’t have to worry about any “bad” foods in the house. Thank goodness!

    Can you take a break from running to help your knee get better? My knees would always hurt after running, but I learned a taping technique at physio that has been helping quite a bit.


  8. Kellie says

    I overindulged yesterday. I started with wine at dinner and then all my good eating goals left. I think I ate at least 3 of the huge costco cupcakes in addition to all the chocolate, cookies, etc. Not a proud day for me. One positive is that I felt so sick last night and this morning I will not be repeating this anytime soon. My weight was up this morning, but I am hoping by Friday it will be back down.

  9. says

    i think it is really important to listen to non scale feedback as well. i love the gratification of a good scale victory, but after five years, i try to listen to and celebrate just feeling good too. hope your knees start feeling better!

    • says

      I actually have only started weighing myself again recently. And I only do it once a week. Avoiding the scale allowed me to “not realize” I was gaining, hence the reason the scale is back. But I never weigh myself daily or more than once a day (unless it’s to see water lost after a long run, which is once or twice a year).

      Thanks for the reminder though! I know too many people weigh in too often and it just drives ya crazy!

  10. says

    good luck with the knee! and i’m glad that youre realistic about your weight loss maybe being part water. it shows that you have a level head so when your next weigh in isn’t as drastic you won’t get all discouraged :)

  11. says

    My weight fluctuates a lot, it’s annoying sometimes! I did indulge yesterday in entirely too much chocolate and I felt sick afterwards but it was worth it!

  12. says

    My weight fluctuates with the same four pounds; it’s definitely annoying. I surprisingly didn’t indulge yesterday. It was a non event sort of Valentine’s Day because my husband wasn’t here to celebrate. I did have some light ice cream after dinner, but I have that pretty much every night, so it isn’t exactly an indulgence. Wait, maybe that’s why I’m plagued with that four pound weight fluctuation?

  13. Amanda says

    I enjoyed some chocolate yesterday, it was great. What’s even better is that I didn’t beat myself up about it and didn’t go overboard. Score one for me!

  14. says

    I’m exactly the same as you with regard to eating breakfast late and still wanting lunch at the same time. Even though I would honestly say I feel hungry, I know it’s mostly psychological, because if I happen to be out running errands, I won’t feel ready for lunch until much later.

  15. says

    I only indulged a little bit yesterday, and it was on the good stuff: I had a few Lindt truffles :)

    I hope your knee checks out okay and you can get back to running soon! Weird that you were able to run fast, but not slow, on the treadmill…

  16. says

    I definitely indulged yesterday. I had a sloppy breakfast (complete with country gravy) *and* pizza. I also find that my weight fluctuates throughout the day (I can just imagine what it did yesterday!) and I’ve come to the realization that I just can’t weight myself very often, or I drive myself nuts!

  17. says

    didn’t indulge, no chocolate to do so with! need to hit up clearance target chocolate!

    and i’m sorry about the knee and running. i’m sending you lots of healing vibes!!!

  18. Alyssa says

    1. my weight fluctuates by several pounds in the same day
    2. i also have not been able to run because of my knee – i kept running/exercising in ways that hurt it and complained it wasn’t getting better – i finally gave it some actual REST and it is feeling better today! and as my husband pointed out, at least it’s injured now and not when the weather is gorgeous! i understand completely getting depressed over it though, i hope yours feels better soon!
    3. i indulged today, yesterday, AND saturday. i got a brilliant idea to make chocolate truffles for a party. everyone loved them but i’m not sure a few compliments were worth me eating half my weight in chocolate due to my total and complete lack of willpower. also drank tons of wine, which made me eat more chocolate. moral of the story: i am awesome.

    congrats on your weight loss! good luck at the doctor!

  19. says

    I know how it feels to not be able to run or do your preferred workouts. I’m icing my foot like crazy so nothing too bad will happen to it. (I’m feeling some pain.) I hope things get figured out by the doctor!

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