Soup and Bread


Even though this Amy's soup was the "main dish" of my lunch... I was most looking forward to the bread! I am loving this GH bread, I just wish it wasn't double the price of the usual bread I buy. Soup, carrots with hummus and glorious bread. I ended up leaving some of the soup and putting AB on the crust of the bread :) So good. Since I haven't been running my appetite is a … [Read more...]

Broke As A Joke


I was in a rush to get out the door this morning so I threw my laptop with my flash drive still in it, into my bag. When I pulled it out of the bag at my next location, the drive was completely bent! I tried to bend it back, but now it is not reading at all!! This has my project on it and now it doesn't work and I have to start from scratch. Oh, did I mention it's due tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Out of Order


This post is out of order, but my day felt kind of out of order too. After dinner Ben and I hit up the gym for a walk on the treadmill. I very rarely exercise after dinner, but I didn't get to walk enough this morning since I had the MRI appointment so I joined Ben for his workout. He is fine working out either in the morning or evening - I think that is so bizarre! My body … [Read more...]