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This post is out of order, but my day felt kind of out of order too. After dinner Ben and I hit up the gym for a walk on the treadmill. I very rarely exercise after dinner, but I didn’t get to walk enough this morning since I had the MRI appointment so I joined Ben for his workout. He is fine working out either in the morning or evening – I think that is so bizarre! My body only works with me in the morning.

Dinner: I love leftovers! You already know it’s food you like and you didn’t have to cook or dishes pots and pans again icon smile Out of Order

I ate the rest of my roasted chickpeas, couscous but did dirty one pan with some more roasted broccoli.IMG 5442 400x300 Out of Order

And I had to have a piece of my new Great Harvest bread with butta. Love this stuff!IMG 5443 400x300 Out of Order

Lunch: After that huge hunk of bread I ate at GH this morning I wasn’t hungry for lunch until close to 2pm! That is crazy talk!

I packed up a salad topped with chickpeas and smashed chickpeas aka: hummus. With a PB&J on the side. IMG 5438 400x300 Out of Order

Snacks: Since my lunch was late my snack was pretty late too. I ended up topping the yogurt with pineapple and saving the orange for tomorrow. IMG 5439 400x300 Out of OrderNow I am chomping on some blueberries and strawberries while trying to figure out my crazy schedule for tomorrow and Friday. I am watching two little girls before and after school, have my PT appointment and a project due for my class Friday! Now I wish I hadn’t procrastinated so much!!

The latest on Breathe – I’m trying to avoid the Post Wedding Weight Gain, but that’s going to mean some different meals for Ben and I…

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  1. says

    post wedding weight gain is exactly why I am 15 pounds heavier today than the day I got married. It is so easy to fall into the hubby’s eating habits. Not to mention all the munchy type food he likes to have around the house!

  2. says

    Oh yes- I actually gained a ton of weight when I started dating my now fiance because I was eating like him! Since then I learned my lesson. We live together now but we cook separate meals probably 3-4 nights a week. Other nights we have modifications of the same dish. Luckily we both don’t mind cooking, but we do sort of trip over each other in the kitchen sometimes.

  3. says

    very nice article. i was watching something (and it’s going to bug me that i can’t remember what it was..some comedy) and the men were joking that women should *gain* weight for their weddings so that in the future they can always say that they look better than their wedding day haha

  4. Kellie says

    I did gain weight, but I think it also had to do with having three kids. My husband and I eat completely seperate meals now and I am back down to my normal weight. My friends think it is weird, but he and the kids eat one meal and since I don’t eat meat I make a different meal for myself. It works for us.

  5. says

    My body is kind to me … I can usually work out any time of the day. However, it’s a little easier to work out in the morning on a weekend because I’m not so rushed with work. When I’m doing running intervals, it’s so hard to push my body, even though I know I’m going to feel great afterwards!

    I think I had it the opposite way … before my husband and I got married, I was at my heaviest weight. This was 21 months before the wedding. I ended up losing 50 pounds and am now currently about 5 pounds overweight. I’m not too worried about it and am training for a half marathon and eating right, so I expect the weight to come off.

    I can see how it would be frustrating though – especially for couples who just start living together after getting married. Schedules are off, you’re trying to please your spouse, you’re not worried about wooing anyone anymore, so you might not worry about your portions or anything. It’s tough! But I definitely think if you catch on to your habits early, it’s easily fixable.

    Those roasted chickpeas look really delicious! I think I have found my dinner tonight! LOL!


  6. says

    I used to only exercise in the morning. I thought I was losing weight more when I did that. But now, I exercise in the afternoon to evening. Turns out, I like working out at these times because sleeping gets easier for me. And the weight loss? I think it’s just the same.

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