Late Lunch – 1 is late!


1pm is a late lunch for me - I'm usually hungry by 11am or so. But, I got caught up in some work and my hunger went away (I think I just might have been thirsty). I wasn't hungry around 1pm, but since i ate breakfast earlier than usual today I knew I should eat. I heated up the leftover Amy's soup from yesterday's lunch. And had a PB&J english muffin plus carrots with … [Read more...]

Bright and Early


I woke up bright and early - 5am to be exact - this morning to hit up a Spinning class. It was still dark when I left, but when I came out of spinning the sun was peaking up :) My Physical Therapist actually told me to stay away from spinning since the classes often push you to a point of fatigue that might irritate my knee. I don't want to lose any fitness though, so I've … [Read more...]

Drown Your Sorrows


I had my first Physical Therapy appointment today. And while this is a new experience for me and I was trying to stay positive, there was Good News and Bad News.My Physical Therapist asked me a bunch of questions and felt around my knee to see if there was any obvious swelling, tearing, messed up crap (that's a technical term), etc. She thinks it is Patellofemoral Pain … [Read more...]