Late Lunch – 1 is late!

1pm is a late lunch for me – I’m usually hungry by 11am or so. But, I got caught up in some work and my hunger went away (I think I just might have been thirsty). I wasn’t hungry around 1pm, but since i ate breakfast earlier than usual today I knew I should eat.

I heated up the leftover Amy’s soup from yesterday’s lunch.IMG 5493 400x300 Late Lunch   1 is late!

And had a PB&J english muffin plus carrots with hummus on the side. IMG 5494 400x300 Late Lunch   1 is late!

The Flying Tomato!!!

I am obviously biased toward Red Heads  and I lalalove that Shaun White is so awesome! He won the Gold Medal yesterday and totally rocked it out with a move no one had done before. My brother used to look like White when he let his hair grow long, but now he’s got it cut short icon sad Late Lunch   1 is late!shaunwhitehair 301x400 Late Lunch   1 is late!



  1. says

    Yes Julie, that is too mean :(
    And I’m sure my brother will be personally offended since I just said he looks like him!
    Now you have to say something nice about someone, anyone :)

  2. says

    1:00 is usually when I eat lunch when I’m at work … breakfast is between 7:30 and 8:00, I have a snack around 10:15 and then lunch between 12:30 and 1:00.

    On the weekend is when I get screwed up and really have to listen to my hunger signals … tomorrow I have to do my long run early in the morning, so there’s no way I’m eating something big at my usual time.

    Oh well … the joys, right?


  3. says

    1pm is late? i’m lucky if i get to eat by 1 haha. i usually get so caught up in work that by the time i look up at the clock 1pm has come and gone :)

  4. says

    Question: I don’t know anything about your IE program. But does it say you “should eat” at certain times? I have noticed you say frequently (and I’ve ready FOREVER!!) that you think you SHOULD eat at a certain time or a certain way. Doesn’t that go against being intuitive? Just my musings…

    I know that I eat on a more regimented diet during the week b/c of work, but it’s not super strict since I’m a scientist and have weird hours. But on the weekend I know I listen to my hunger more since I’m not on a schedule and I like that better!

    Just my thoughts! Have a great weekend!

  5. Lauren says

    I’m slightly obsessed with Shaun White and mens snowboarding. Did you see Shaun on Oprah today? I was at work and couldn’t watch, FML.

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