RER Likes It Hot


I bit the bullet and went to Hot Yoga today. I was really scared because Yoga 1-2 was hard for me back in California and I haven't done studio yoga in a few months. But, I have come to realize that the studio I went to in Orange County was 'fo real' and a lot more hard core than yoga here. I remembered that I did go to a hot yoga class one time in CA and it was killer (I had … [Read more...]

Tons of Grapes, Cereal and Samples


I often get asked if I put pictures of EVERYTHING that I eat on the blog. The answer is No. Not because I don't want to or intend to, but because I am a... "Grabby McSnackerson" = I randomly eat a handful of things like grapes, cereal or samples. Those three things are the worst offenders of being MIA on the blog. Today I bought some grapes from the store and had A LOT that … [Read more...]