Drink In The Weekend


Today Ben and I just took some time to relax and hang out. I’m going to be gone next weekend so we wanted to just enjoy each other today :) As you know I am big on any and all drinks – water, seltzer,  diet soda, vodka… Well, when POM Wonderful offered to send me some juice I jumped at it. I usually try to stay away from juice (even though I often steal sips of Ben’s) … [Read more...]

Week Old Chinese Food


I ate the exact same thing for dinner tonight that I had last Sunday for lunch! Luckily, it wasn't leftovers of old  food that I found in the back of my fridge. Who am I kidding? Chinese food doesn't last long around here! While I was out running errands I called Ben and offered to pick up dinner. He said he would call in an order to our fave Chinese place and I said I would … [Read more...]