Week Old Chinese Food

I ate the exact same thing for dinner tonight that I had last Sunday for lunch! Luckily, it wasn’t leftovers of old  food that I found in the back of my fridge. Who am I kidding? Chinese food doesn’t last long around here!

While I was out running errands I called Ben and offered to pick up dinner. He said he would call in an order to our fave Chinese place and I said I would just make something for myself. But, when I saw he got Garlic Eggplant I knew I couldn’t turn that down!

I nuked some frozen veggies and chickpeas to make it more filling without eating way too much food (as I have a tendency to do with Chinese food!). Then, topped it with rice and garlic eggplant. So good! Even with the added veggies I went back for seconds, but I normally go back for thirds or fourths with this meal!IMG 5513 400x300 Week Old Chinese Food

I also picked up this Asian inspired treat from TJ’s – Sesame Crepes. I had a piece, but then realized this would be considered a “sweet” and pushed it on Ben. I am vowing to stay away from it now.IMG 5520 400x300 Week Old Chinese Food

But, I will not vow to stay away from my Gummy Vitamin C chewies I got from Costco recently. Ben and I never forget to take our vitamin C now!IMG 5522 300x400 Week Old Chinese Food

I may have also chewed an entire pack of this gum today as I was writing this post.IMG 5521 400x300 Week Old Chinese Food

Toe News (because I’m sure you want to know): I think I’m getting an ingrown toe nail. Is there anything I can do to stop it? It’s not full on ingrown yet, but it hurts and is red icon sad Week Old Chinese Food

Now Ben and I are going to watch a movie and relax. Have a good night!

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