Week Old Chinese Food

I ate the exact same thing for dinner tonight that I had last Sunday for lunch! Luckily, it wasn’t leftovers of old  food that I found in the back of my fridge. Who am I kidding? Chinese food doesn’t last long around here!

While I was out running errands I called Ben and offered to pick up dinner. He said he would call in an order to our fave Chinese place and I said I would just make something for myself. But, when I saw he got Garlic Eggplant I knew I couldn’t turn that down!

I nuked some frozen veggies and chickpeas to make it more filling without eating way too much food (as I have a tendency to do with Chinese food!). Then, topped it with rice and garlic eggplant. So good! Even with the added veggies I went back for seconds, but I normally go back for thirds or fourths with this meal!

I also picked up this Asian inspired treat from TJ’s – Sesame Crepes. I had a piece, but then realized this would be considered a “sweet” and pushed it on Ben. I am vowing to stay away from it now.

But, I will not vow to stay away from my Gummy Vitamin C chewies I got from Costco recently. Ben and I never forget to take our vitamin C now!

I may have also chewed an entire pack of this gum today as I was writing this post.

Toe News (because I’m sure you want to know): I think I’m getting an ingrown toe nail. Is there anything I can do to stop it? It’s not full on ingrown yet, but it hurts and is red :(

Now Ben and I are going to watch a movie and relax. Have a good night!


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    That garlic eggplant looks good…….may need to try and find that….I had an ingrown toenail in 08….only thing Dr said to do is remove toenail…..was only off my feet exercise wise was a week.
    BTW went to TJ’s today and couldn’t find veggie crisps.

    • says

      Angie, the veggie crisps are from Costco – but I think I’ve seen them at normal markets too :)
      At TJ’s they are under the TJ’s brand, but I can’t remember what they’re called.

  2. says

    bummer about the toenail. i’ve never had one before so i don’t have good advice for you. i have heard that soaking the toe in warm water and then keeping it dry for the rest of the day is the best way to help it, provided that you do it early enough. after that than i think it’s a doctor issue

  3. Renee says

    Bummer about the toe nail. I actually have had experience with this. There is a tool that Sally Hansen makes that is for toe issues. One side has a pointed edge that you can dig underneath the toe nail to force it to the top of the cuticle and the other side has a little file so that you can file the side down. It is a silver tool that costs just a few dollars. I purchased mine at Walgreens. I soak my toe first to soften the skin around the area and then I try to dig it out. It will be sore but it does work. I was able to aide my nail from going ingrown. Hope this helps you out.

  4. says

    I have never had eggplant – I tried making it once but chickened out! Your garlicky eggplant does look delicious … I might have to make it again someday. :-)

    I would try to force the toenail out somehow … I’m bad – I just rip them out. LOL! It might hurt and bleed and then, eventually, come back, but at least I feel relief. And to think I can’t normally tolerate pain!


  5. Kate G. says

    ahhh sorry but i would say don’t pick at it with any tools, and definitely DON’T get a pedicure. I almost always GET ingrowns from pedicures. Pulling it out will only risk more infection unless done by a doctor. I went to the doc and got a topical called Mupirocin that killed the infection fast (like 3 days).

    Those sesame crepes look good i will have to try to get those at TJs soon :)

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    heh, i thought ‘toe news’ said ‘top news.’

    garlic eggplant, i’ll have to try that. i always overlook the veggie section of the chinese menu somehow.

  7. says

    garlic egglplant is my absolute FAVOURITE! and portion control somehow always takes a backseat with chinese food 😉
    love your blog btw, been reading for a while!

  8. says

    TJ’s has sesame crepes?? Must check that out. I heard the V shape at the top of the toenail thing as well but I have never had one so no clue.

    But now I think I am gonna go get a pedicure today, I’ll think of ya!

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    I gave up sweets for lent also, and keep forgetting what is/isn’t a “sweet”! I had to outline a yes and no list before Lent began but, there are so many gray areas that I’ve adopted the policy that if it’s questionable the answer is no. bummer, but it works for me….

  10. says

    There are a number of things you can do for your toe – my nailbeds are extra rounded and prone to ingrowns. I’ve had surgery on both my big toes to help correct the nailbed, but still get them from time to time.
    1.) Soak toe in warm water with Epsom salts for 10 minutes, a few times a day. While skin is still soft and moist, use your fingers to gently push/pull the skin away from the nail.
    2.) Insert a small ball of cotton (tiny!) under the corner of the nail to help lift it up, instead of allowing it to dig in. You are helping to retrain your nail where to grow and allow the affected area to heal.
    3.) ALWAYS trim nails straight across, and keep them trimmed.
    4.) The “v” cut into the nail can help, especially to alleviate pressure if the situation is intensifying, but if you do not do the things I mentioned above, as soon as the nail grows in enough, it will happen again.
    5.) Let the toe breathe! Pressure from shoes and the warm, moist environment inside of socks are death for ingrown toenails… Soak your toe, treat it nice, and give it plenty of air and space to wiggle!

    I used to figure skate and now I run – so I know how painful an ingrown toenail can be and how important it is to keep your tootsies healthy : )

    You can turn this around yet : )

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