Doctor It Up

I  just realized I have three doctor’s appointments this week! Well, two PT appointments and an appointment with my normal doc to read the MRI.

Then, I leave for Las Vegas on Friday morning! My close friend Susan is throwing a bachelorette party for her sister and we’re going to show her a good time 😉 In case you’re new around here I’d like to warn you that my Vegas pics may include way too much make-up and alcohol based breakfasts.monica and cindy vegas

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning because I want to at least stay in the habit of exercising in the morning. I also am planning a kick-boxing class for today.

But, first I enjoyed a bagel thin, yogurt with chia seeds and grapes.IMG_5538Okay, I’ve got to go to kickboxing and then to school to drop off my project!

See you later!!!


  1. Christy says

    Love Vegas! And you gotta have mimosas for breakfast. :) Quick question, which do you like better, sandwich thins or bagel thins?

    • says

      Ooooh – that depends on what I’m eating them with. I prefer sandwich thins for sandwiches. The bagel thins are nice for spreads, but they’re not as chewy as a real bagel.

  2. says

    Vegas will be fun! My husband and I went there a few years ago for New Years and had a blast. This year we’re going down because I’m running the half marathon, which will be a great experience!

    I’m definitely past drinking large quantities, but I do remember amazing breakfasts after crazy nights. Of course, I was probably too drunk still to realize that what I was eating wasn’t that great for me, but at least I know now!

    Have fun!


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