Weight Loss Wednesdays – Maria


Meet Maria, the latest Run, Eat, Repeat reader to share her Weight Loss Victory story… Maria Before: Pounds lost: I lost 80lbs How long did it take: It took me roughly 2 years Location: I was born in St Louis, Missouri, moved around the country and (sadly) ended up back in St Louis!! Occupation: MOMMY FIRST, but I am currently holding MANY positions: … [Read more...]

A Real Egg


Since my breakfast was a fail yesterday I decided to try eggs today. I have a bunch of generic egg beater cartons, but was craving a “real egg”. So, I made an over-easy egg with toast. I used the bread to soak up the yolk and it was so good. I haven’t done this in forever! I also had an orange on the side and some blueberries. Now, I am off to spend some time with my … [Read more...]

Brussels are Back!


Thanks for all your comments on my last post about Comparing Yourself to Others. So many of us do it! I challenge you: the next time you find yourself checking someone else out to compare yourself to them – Stop, name three great qualities about yourself and move on. I made myself buy broccoli instead of Brussel Sprouts last week. And I did enjoy the broccoli – it’s great to … [Read more...]