Saved By The Sign


This sign totally saved my life today! Don’t you love the quote: “Have Fun, Live Life, Eat Right”! As I was walking around the Atlanta airport during my layover I saw this sign and wanted to take a picture of it. So, I went to get my camera and that’s when I realized - I left my camera on the plane!!!! It had already been at least a half an hour since got there and was … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato – Two Ways


Oh my gosh! I feel like today was so crazy – I was all over the place, but I did get it all done :) However, I didn’t have any time on the computer so I have no idea what’s going on in the internet world. Did I miss anything? Did anyone leave a really inappropriate or racist comment that I neglected to moderate? Because you coulda gotten away with it. Today, maybe. After my … [Read more...]