Saved By The Sign

This sign totally saved my life today!

Don’t you love the quote: “Have Fun, Live Life, Eat Right”!IMG_5636

As I was walking around the Atlanta airport during my layover I saw this sign and wanted to take a picture of it. So, I went to get my camera and that’s when I realized –

I left my camera on the plane!!!!

It had already been at least a half an hour since got there and was wandering around. But, I somehow managed to find the gate where my flight arrived and a flight attendant let me go back on the plane to check if it was still there. And it was!

I had a small heart attack, but nothing a weekend in Vegas can’t solve 😉


I brought yogurt and cereal for breakfast on the first flight, but decided to get steel cut oats from Pot Belly instead. I ate it with my banged up banana. IMG_5633

My seat neighbor thought it was weird I was taking a picture of my food and I told her about the blog (Hi Joanne!). It turns out she and her husband are trying to be healthier this year and we had a lot to chat about! The flight was over before we knew it.

I walked around the Atlanta airport for about 40 minutes before stopping to dig into lunch. I am exhausted already and really need to take a nap on my next flight.


I grabbed a DD iced coffee to go with  my packed lunch:IMG_5637

I really should be more embarrassed about this because I really am the grossest traveler. I packed the leftover brussel sprouts from last night as part of my lunch and you could smell them when I opened up my backpack on the place.

To my credit, I did actually eat them in the food court – not in a confined space.

With my brussels, I had PB&J, yogurt and trail mix with cereal, raisins and cashews.IMG_5639

I’ve decided to allow non-sugar cereals at least until I get back home because it’s a healthy breakfast or snack choice on the go.

**Added bonus: My mom credits Kashi Go Lean with one of the main reasons she lost weight after she had Matt. She used to eat if for breakfast and also as a snack in a homemade trail mix. For some reason we both have gotten away from eating it and are talking about going back.**

Boo! I just realized I forgot my peeled orange in the fridge at home. Ben, go at it.

Now I have a little bit more time to hang out before I’m off to Vegas! I need a nap.


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    I LOVE Vegas! Have a great time! If you can, go to Craftsteak in the MGM. It’s run by Tom Collichio from Top Chef and it’s THE BEST food I’ve ever had in my entire life. :)

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    wow great luck with the camera! that must have been a really scary feeling. and hahah to your brussel sprout. i’ve packed tuna before (not on a plane but during a lecture) and i think i might have been the most hated person ever at that moment haha

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    My backpack/purse I bring to school always smells like something! I always pack my food for school, I once brought brussel sprouts to the mall with my mom she pretended she wasn’t with me! No one was really around but I learned not to care that much anymore!

    If you have a chance check out my blog,
    im new to blogging :)

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    That is too funny that you packed brussels sprouts in a baggie for your lunch! Though I do love that you had a great chat about healthy eating with your airplane neighbour!

    That would suck about the camera … we were in Mexico a while back and I thought I lost it. The husband was furious (naturally because it’s always my fault when it comes to expensive electronics), but we found it in a friends’ room.

    Have fun in Vegas!


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    I used to eat Kashi Go Lean every single day. It was so good and filling and good for you. But now I can’t stomach it… probably because I ate it too much hehe

    That’s so funny about your neighbor asking about the pictures!! At least she was open to the blog idea.

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    Phew, glad you found your camera. Close call! You seem to have some serious spam comment-age going on here; maybe check your filter when you get a chance?

    Hope you’re having fun in LV!

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    Ummm….what in the sam hell is happening on this comment page?!?
    I just wanted to let you know that I loved how you brought brussels sprouts to the airport. I would do the same! Ha. And I used to eat Kashi Go Lean like it was going out of style. So good! Have an awesome time in Vegas, I love it there!

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    I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I certainly enjoyed every
    little bit of it. I have you book marked to check out new things you post…

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