Sweet Potato – Two Ways

Oh my gosh! I feel like today was so crazy – I was all over the place, but I did get it all done :) However, I didn’t have any time on the computer so I have no idea what’s going on in the internet world.

Did I miss anything? Did anyone leave a really inappropriate or racist comment that I neglected to moderate? Because you coulda gotten away with it. Today, maybe.

After my test I ran a bunch of errands. Apparently, I spent most of my Vegas money at Target. In my defense – it’s all shit I don’t need. Well, maybe I do need a headband with a flower on it for Vegas?

The day was full of impulse buys and one of them were these Veggie Crunchers. See, just add oil to veggies and make them seem like chip. Then, maybe people will eat more vegetables.Veggie Crunchers

They are just okay, not salty enough for me. I love how pretty they are though :)IMG_5623

Dinner was a MASSIVE sweet potato and roasted brussel sprouts. I roast my “b-sprouts” at 450 sprayed with cooking spray and salted. I leave them in until they are sufficiently burnt or I run out of patience and want to eat. IMG_5625

If I am ever in a gang I think my gang name should be “B-Sprout”. What do you guys think?

Lunch was boring – veggie burger with carrots and lots and lots of hummus! IMG_5620

I also snacked on some new Quaker Crisp thingers while driving around town. See the red Clearance sticker? I had to get them.IMG_5629

And I did end up having time for a mani-pedi. See how much better my hand looks compared to this morning’s photo? **But, I am worried that I am going to get an infected toe because of my ingrown issues and it’s going to get into my blood stream and I’m going to die in Vegas. “No, I’m not a hypochondriac! Who said I was?!”IMG_5630

I am all packed up and ready to head outta here.  I have to be at the airport by 7:30am tomorrow morning. I may hit up a Spinning class at 5:30am or just do some exercises at home – I can’t decide. I want to make sure to get some exercise in because I’ll probably be “resting” Saturday and Sunday.

I will probably see you next in Atlanta (my lay-over)!


  1. says

    haha that toe dilemma would totally be going through my mind too! just make sure to keep it clean although with the shenanigans of vegas you might forget haha 😉

  2. says

    Veggie chips are so good!! I thought they weren’t that bad but turns out that they have a crapload of oil. Have you ever had the Terra Chips? They’re actually semi healthy.

  3. says

    I just bought a sweet potato and I am really excited to try something with it!! I’m loving that color you chose for your manicure – – but I’m also loving that ring on your finger too! Have a great weekend!

  4. Alyssa says

    Love the manicure and the sapphires (?) in your rings! Just wondering why you wear your wedding ring on top of your engagement – any special reason? Have a GREAT time in Vegas!

    • says

      My engagement ring is a little looser so I wear my wedding ring on top to help keep it in place :) But, I think I would wear it like this either way because that’s the one I got first and the one I like better! I’ve heard people wear their wedding ring on the inside because it’s closer to their heart…yeah, I think I’d rather have a fat rock closer to my heart <3 Ha.

  5. says

    I love that colour!! How fun. :-) I keep meaning to get a pedicure … with all this running I’m doing my feet are taking a beating!

    I’ve never had veggie chips, but I do hear they can be just as bad as regular chips – but I still want to try them sometime!


  6. April says

    So glad that you are obsessed with brussel sprouts! Now that I know how amazing they are when roasted, I crave them like no other.

    Have a wonderful time in Vegas!

  7. Amanda says

    Have fun in Vegas! Don’t you just love that new mani/pedi feel? I just got one too, in the dead of winter, and it feels good. ; )

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