Viva Las Vegas

Welcome to Vegas icon smile Viva Las Vegas I actually had never flown into Las Vegas before. So this was a weird change from driving up with a bunch of friends.IMG 5643 thumb Viva Las Vegas

As soon as you get off the plane there are slot machines. Feeling lucky?IMG 5644 thumb Viva Las VegasI had some time to kill before my ride was picking me up, so I grabbed a smoothie with carrot juice, mango, strawberries and bee pollen for a pick me up at the airport. IMG 5646 thumb Viva Las Vegas

Then, we were off to the Hard Rock Hotel! I’ve hung out here before, but never stayed. We stayed in the new tower here and it is nice! IMG 5654 thumb Viva Las VegasThe Room pics – IMG 5648 thumb Viva Las Vegas

I don’t know why, but I love when rooms have a couch.IMG 5647 thumb Viva Las Vegas

The Bathroom is very spacious and has a bath tub and shower.

IMG 5651 thumb Viva Las Vegas

For dinner we wanted something in the casino since we were hungry and everyone was tired of driving around. We went with the Pink Taco.

Mexican restaurants should always start with chips icon smile Viva Las VegasIMG 5657 thumb Viva Las Vegas

I got a random big salad and ordered a side of homemade tortillas. I love fresh tortillas! The salad was just okay though. If I am ordering a veggie salad I want a lot of beans and guac on it to keep me full.IMG 5663 thumb Viva Las Vegas

Then, the 20 layers of make-up application began…

It was a very fun night, but I’m currently trying to make my headache go away. Wonder what it’s from? Since it is a bachelorette party Susan made special shot glasses for everyone.IMG 5668 thumb Viva Las Vegas Here is the whole group! It’s tough trying to keep 12 girls together. But I don’t think we lost anyone. I should probably confirm that though icon wink Viva Las Vegas IMG 5680 thumb Viva Las Vegas

I’ll be back in a bit icon smile Viva Las Vegas

IMG 5687 thumb Viva Las Vegas


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    How fun!! I’m heading to Vegas in a month for the first time (well since I turned 21). So I’m excited to see your adventures to get pumped for my own ;-)

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