Walking Around Vegas

I somehow convinced Susan to take a walk with me this morning. We were both feeling pretty rough from last night, but still wanted to stretch our legs.

IMG 5695 thumb Walking Around Vegas

We walked from our hotel up the strip a bit. It was nice and cool out. IMG 5696 thumb Walking Around Vegas

Susan wanted to walk by Serendipity – she really really wants to eat there later so we scoped it out. I don’t know what I’m doing here…IMG 5703 thumb Walking Around Vegas

Before our walk I ate a bunch of cereal and a banana. But it did nothing for my hunger for some reason icon sad Walking Around Vegas I needed some milk for protein or PB for fats.IMG 5694 thumb Walking Around Vegas

I did slip up and eat a cookie last night. Susan specially ordered this cookies for my bachelorette too. They aren’t just cute – they taste great too! The one I ate was in a more “colorful” shape and a lot bigger (like as big as my hand, but the shape of a naner if you will).IMG 5693 thumb Walking Around Vegas

I love this statue and had to get a picture of it. I love old paintings and sculptures of Venus because they are so curvy. This is my body image role model icon smile Walking Around VegasIMG 5706 thumb Walking Around Vegas

Okay, now we’re off to explore a bit before some relaxing. My feet are still killing me from last night and my knee hurts too. Boo.

I need to get it together!


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    Looks like you are enjoying the Vegas weather… wearing shorts!!! I had to wear my Ugg boots today because I think it is so chilly. LOL. You gotta let me know if you try Serendipity. I keep forgetting it is on the strip near Caesar’s. Isn’t that the place that makes the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate?

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    jealous over here! i love the pictures of venus. totally the best body ever i think. too bad running keeps the curves off of me. but i love running too much to stop :)

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    You should go back for a race sometime.

    I have a couple of friends that did the Vegas mini-marathon… they said it was awsome!!! Course ran right down the strip.

    They said that they kept running into the casinos and grabbing drinks then continuing on. Sounds fun.

    Hey… enjoy your blog. Check mine @:


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