We went to Serendipity for lunch. It’s located at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

This place is famous for it’s Frozen Hot Chocolate. IMG_5724 Susan ordered one and I tried it. Good stuff! This is actually the main reason we came here – she’s been wanting one of these for a long time. IMG_5726

Serendipity is also famous for it’s $1,000 dessert. From the website:

It’s five scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice cream, rare chocolates made from Venezuelan cocoa beans, exotic fruits and 23-karat edible gold leaf.


We were eating at 1pm and they still weren’t serving the lunch menu! They don’t start lunch until 2pm. What? And they wouldn’t budge on this. But, there was not much on the Brunch menu that I could (or wanted) to eat.

The waitress had to go ask the chef if I could have a veggie burger. Luckily this was okayed. I ordered the veggie burger and requested it on raisin-pumpernickel bread (I spotted this from another sandwich on the menu). IMG_5718 Plus sweet potato fries on the side. I don’t get my own order of fries often and usually just share with Ben, but I enjoyed having a whole order all to myself today :)IMG_5720

This was a very satisfying and delicious meal! Yum! IMG_5721

Susan ordered the Chicken and Waffles. She opted for the bacon battered waffles and I had to get a picture of them (but didn’t try it). IMG_5713

One of the best things about this place is everything was beautifully presented. Everyone’s food looked amazing! IMG_5712

This is the French Toast – it’s a huge log of french toast (under the egg and across the plate) and looked so good. These plates were more like platters.IMG_5715The Lunch menu was huge (too bad we didn’t get to order from this one). The top page talked about how frozen hot chocolate got started.IMG_5723 

It was a very fun lunch and I enjoyed every indulgent bite :) Aren’t those the best meals? When you just order what you want and love it. Yes!

Since we are here for a Bachelorette Party we should have ordered this (I spotted it after we were done, but it was on the lunch menu anyways): IMG_5729

Hope you’re having a good weekend! IMG_5710 See ya later :)


  1. says

    Seems like you´re having quite a blast at Vegas – I mean, look at the size of those plates!
    Hahahaha 😉
    Have a great Sunday, Monica!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  2. says

    OOOO! That frozen hot chocolate looks divine. I gotta get over there one day. Your veggie burger looks really good. Is it a homemade veggie patty?

  3. says

    Oooo, we have a serendipity in nyc and you so just made me want to go. The sandwich looks perfect too! hope you have lots more fun while you’re there :)

  4. says

    Those platters look huge! Chicken and waffles? That’s a crazy breakfast! That’s great that you could get a veggie burger, though. I love sweet potato fries – I have a hard time NOT ordering them when they’re on a menu!


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    OMG I was just thinking about Serendipity because I ran past a Serendipity street today then thought about how I can wait to visit that place in NYC! And then my friend told me they have one in LV and there you are!

    I absolutely love the Bachelorette Party item on the menu—hope you’re having a rockin time!

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