Week Old Chinese Food


I ate the exact same thing for dinner tonight that I had last Sunday for lunch! Luckily, it wasn't leftovers of old  food that I found in the back of my fridge. Who am I kidding? Chinese food doesn't last long around here! While I was out running errands I called Ben and offered to pick up dinner. He said he would call in an order to our fave Chinese place and I said I would … [Read more...]

RER Likes It Hot


I bit the bullet and went to Hot Yoga today. I was really scared because Yoga 1-2 was hard for me back in California and I haven't done studio yoga in a few months. But, I have come to realize that the studio I went to in Orange County was 'fo real' and a lot more hard core than yoga here. I remembered that I did go to a hot yoga class one time in CA and it was killer (I had … [Read more...]

Tons of Grapes, Cereal and Samples


I often get asked if I put pictures of EVERYTHING that I eat on the blog. The answer is No. Not because I don't want to or intend to, but because I am a... "Grabby McSnackerson" = I randomly eat a handful of things like grapes, cereal or samples. Those three things are the worst offenders of being MIA on the blog. Today I bought some grapes from the store and had A LOT that … [Read more...]

Late Lunch – 1 is late!


1pm is a late lunch for me - I'm usually hungry by 11am or so. But, I got caught up in some work and my hunger went away (I think I just might have been thirsty). I wasn't hungry around 1pm, but since i ate breakfast earlier than usual today I knew I should eat. I heated up the leftover Amy's soup from yesterday's lunch. And had a PB&J english muffin plus carrots with … [Read more...]

Bright and Early


I woke up bright and early - 5am to be exact - this morning to hit up a Spinning class. It was still dark when I left, but when I came out of spinning the sun was peaking up :) My Physical Therapist actually told me to stay away from spinning since the classes often push you to a point of fatigue that might irritate my knee. I don't want to lose any fitness though, so I've … [Read more...]

Drown Your Sorrows


I had my first Physical Therapy appointment today. And while this is a new experience for me and I was trying to stay positive, there was Good News and Bad News.My Physical Therapist asked me a bunch of questions and felt around my knee to see if there was any obvious swelling, tearing, messed up crap (that's a technical term), etc. She thinks it is Patellofemoral Pain … [Read more...]

Soup and Bread


Even though this Amy's soup was the "main dish" of my lunch... I was most looking forward to the bread! I am loving this GH bread, I just wish it wasn't double the price of the usual bread I buy. Soup, carrots with hummus and glorious bread. I ended up leaving some of the soup and putting AB on the crust of the bread :) So good. Since I haven't been running my appetite is a … [Read more...]

Broke As A Joke


I was in a rush to get out the door this morning so I threw my laptop with my flash drive still in it, into my bag. When I pulled it out of the bag at my next location, the drive was completely bent! I tried to bend it back, but now it is not reading at all!! This has my project on it and now it doesn't work and I have to start from scratch. Oh, did I mention it's due tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Out of Order


This post is out of order, but my day felt kind of out of order too. After dinner Ben and I hit up the gym for a walk on the treadmill. I very rarely exercise after dinner, but I didn't get to walk enough this morning since I had the MRI appointment so I joined Ben for his workout. He is fine working out either in the morning or evening - I think that is so bizarre! My body … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday – Lisa’s Story

lisa before

After the great success of Liam's weight loss story, I decided to make Weight Loss Wednesdays a regular feature on RER. If you have a weight loss success story you'd like to share please email me at runeatrepeat@gmail.com. Lisa's Weight Loss Story Lisa Before: Pounds Lost:  110 pounds How long did it take?   About a year and a half. Where are you from? … [Read more...]

MRI and a Hunk of Bread


After breakfast I rushed off to my MRI appointment. It was very interesting because I expected it to be like an x-ray - just throw a protective cover on, take a few pics and you're done! Nope. I had to lay in the machine for about 20 minutes wearing headphones so the loud noises didn't freak me out. I relaxed and enjoyed the music even though I could still hear the random … [Read more...]

So Urban


I made half an hour oats while I took a walk on the treadmill this morning. I tried to run for a few minutes, but stopped as soon as my knee hurt which was five minutes in :( Pumpkin Overnight 30 Minute Oats: In the mix... Pumpkin, greek yogurt, oats, stevia, spices, soy milk. Let set for 30 minutes. Top with blubes! Enjoy :) I'm off to my MRI, but for now I will leave you … [Read more...]

I Scream, You Scream


I am screaming with happiness on the inside because I love ice cream. A lot. I made a big ol' sundae after dinner. I used TJ's soy ice cream, choc syrup, strawberries, coconut and GRANOLA. Yum. "I'm going to miss you, dessert..." :( Since I had a big handful of chips and too much granola for my afternoon snack I had a lighter dinner of roasted broccoli and roasted … [Read more...]

The Doc is In


So, my doctor's appointment went well today!I went to my primary care physician so, she wasn't really able to diagnose me (without an MRI) but she did feel around and said there was no  real swelling or liquid behind my knee cap. And she gave me a prescription for anti-inflams (to which I called Ben and screamed "Pills!!! I've got to get my Pills!!!" because he thinks making … [Read more...]

Fat Tuesday and Pack A Lunch


Since I am not working a full time job right now this means I am writing, studying and blogging from home. And it also means I'm sitting just a few steps from the kitchen all day. Not a good predicament when I'm trying to avoid random snacking. So yesterday I went out and got myself a lunch bag to pack my lunch in the morning. I got the biggest one I could find with out it … [Read more...]

Clean First, Chocolate Later Later


I really wanted to go out and get some good chocolate this afternoon, but I realized I had more important things I wanted to accomplish today - like cleaning the tornado that is my apartment and school work. So, I was responsible and cleaned and am just now hitting the books. Well, actually right now right now I'm blogging - but I will do school stuff soon ;) or later later I … [Read more...]