March Challenge

I cannot believe it is already March! This year is really flying by.

Now it’s time for my March Challenge. For my New Year’s Resolution I said I was going to make 2010 the Healthiest Year yet and make one healthy change each month.

January – Meatless Mondays

February – No Eating after dinner

Feb Recap: I have made progress on not eating after dinner, but it wasn’t a complete success. This is still a habit I am working on, but February’s challenge did keep me from snacking after dinner every night. I am very happy I am getting better.

March ChallengeThis month I’ve decided to do one food and one fitness challenge.

Food Challenge – No eating after dinner: I’m going to continue to work on this habit. I’m not giving up yet :)

Fitness Challenge – Monica’s 30 Day Shred: I have put together a list of simple exercises I will do each morning. It is basically sit-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, squats and arm exercises. They are all easy things I can do by myself before I do anything else. I really need to focus on being a more well rounded athlete and getting stronger. Hopefully, this will help.

This morning my mom and I took an early walk and then I did some of the 30 Day shred exercises and kept stopping to write down what I thought should be included.

Breakfast was a PB Pita Pizza: whole wheat pita spread with PB and sprinkles with cinnamon. Then, top with banana “pepperoni” and enjoy! IMG_5840

One of the hardest parts about living in MD is that I didn’t bring my dog, Roxy. She is the black lab mix on the right (Bailey is my brother’s dog). IMG_5844

We made that tough decision after much thought and it was very hard for me. But, living in MD was never meant to be permanent and we knew our small apartment would be very sad compared to the big yard she gets to roam year round in California (that green stuff she’s laying on – aka grass is pretty much MIA in MD now). The plan is to make sure we are able to take her wherever we move next though. I can’t wait!!IMG_5848 

I am so behind on emails and other house keeping stuff – I better get on it!

I’ll see you guys later :)


  1. says

    I think I will do your food challenge. I tend to snakc after dinner too. I need to work on that and I love the fitness challenge. I’ve been shredding too. Oh, I kow ow you feel, my only spends time with me on the weekends. Were in a apt and she has a backyard at my Mothers.

  2. says

    cant wait to try out some of your shred exercises! im doing a march challenge its kind time to get moving its almost bikini season!!

  3. says

    good luck with the challenges. i like the idea of doing the shred stuff first thing, probably will help you do it every day if you just roll out of bed and go. and i vaguely remember you saying that the no eating after dinner is more like no mindless snacking right? because i know sometimes i get really hungry after dinner.

    • says

      Yes – I mean I shouldn’t be eating if I’m not hungry. For the most part I am not hungry after dinner (unless I stay up super late), but I always eat anyways.

  4. says

    Good luck with your challenge! I like the idea of doing something new each month. Eating after dinner is tricky for me – if I truly am hungry, I eat something.

    I love that you’ll be able to bring your dog! I wouldn’t be able to get by without mine – they’re so nice to have around. :-)


  5. Amanda says

    Awww I’m sorry you had to leave Roxy behind : ( I don’t know what I’d do without my beast! Hopefully you can bring her along soon! (she looks so sweet!)

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