Frantic Friday


I woke up today feeling stressed out. I hate that! It’s because I have a lot of things to do today and they will bother me until I am done. I made breakfast before working out this morning. My body is “off” from the long day of traveling last night. I ended up eating an apple on the way home and then grabbing half a bagel when I home from the airport. Breakfast – egg … [Read more...]

Be More Careful


Usually, RER is pretty light hearted, but I thought I’d use this post to talk about something very serious… Police found the body of a girl believed to be Chelsea King yesterday. She is the 17 year old  who went  on a run last week in the San Diego area and never came home.  The suspect believed to be responsible is in custody. You can read a news story about it here or … [Read more...]

Leaving Long Beach


I flew out of Long Beach today and always forget how much I love this airport until I use it. I was checked in and through security in under ten minutes! That includes the time I took to stop and take this picture. This is how people wait for their flights in the LBC… It’s nice here. Real nice. One last look of the palm trees before I head back to Maryland where it’s not … [Read more...]