Frantic Friday

I woke up today feeling stressed out. I hate that! It’s because I have a lot of things to do today and they will bother me until I am done.

I made breakfast before working out this morning. My body is “off” from the long day of traveling last night. I ended up eating an apple on the way home and then grabbing half a bagel when I home from the airport.

Breakfast – egg sammie with an orange. I used Laughing Cow spread on the bagel thin, ketchup and hot sauce. So good! IMG_5959 That’s a lot of ketchup!!!

I like the bread a little burnt 😉


Okay, I need to get on my way! Here’s the agenda:

– Kickboxing

– Groceries (we have no veggies and only oranges for fruit)

– Physical Therapy appointment

– Blogging, catch up on emails (my computer died on the plane last night and I didn’t get halfway through)

– Bills

– Babysitting

– Dinner and relaxing with Ben :)

Breathe – My article on Intuitive Eating is in the Spring edition of Breathe Magazine. It’s on stands now, but you can read it online here!

Happy Happy Friday!!!!


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      No, but I did get tendonitis in my foot last year while training for my first marathon. The only thing I did for that was prescriptions anti-inflams, RICE and taking running back to 4 days a week.

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    i’m the same way with my to-do lists. it will all stress me out until it’s done! and awesome article, thanks for sharing the link!

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    Good luck with your agenda! That egg sandwich looks great – I’m sure it’ll help get you going. :-)

    Don’t you hate that “off” feeling after travel? Of course, I usually end up getting sick after being on a plane, so “off” is better than that!


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