Waffles and Smoothies


Waffles and smoothies make the best breakfast! I love all these flavors and it feels like I’m eating something “bad” when I eat waffles. My smoothie had a frozen banana, spinach, soy milk, ice and chia seeds. I love that this smoothie tastes so good and makes me feel good too :) I covered one waffle with almond butter and the other with maple syrup. I started to eat … [Read more...]

S-t-r-e-t-c-h and Making Health the Goal


I rarely stretch, but my IT Band issues are making me realize that I should incorporate a good stretching program into my daily life (at least after running!). I found this video on Sparkpeople that shows some good stretches. The moves in this video are for the lower body – just where I need it. But, I think we all know how to stretch – it’s just a matter of actually doing … [Read more...]

Two Weeks Notice


I have good news and bad news about my knee… The bad news is – my physical therapist is moving to Canada in two weeks!!! Boo. I really like her too :( and I have only been working with her for two weeks so far. The good news is – both my PT and I are super motivated to get me back to running in two weeks! I’m very very excited to run again. I have been good about not … [Read more...]