Too Much Cinnamon


Usually I really pour cinnamon on my oats like it’s going out of style, but this morning I actually poured way too much :( It didn’t taste too bad, but some bites were rather bitter. This morning I woke up and slammed a Green Monster so I’d have some fuel before going to the gym. I took a spinning class. It was just okay because I wasn’t digging the music. Then, Ben and I … [Read more...]

D.C. Zoo


Ben and I went to the D.C. Zoo today. It was such a beautiful day we wanted to do something out doors. The first we saw were the lions. I always love looking at the animals since I love all big ol’ fuzzy things, but then I feel bad that they are all caged up. Do they you visit animal sanctuaries? Because I don’t exactly have the money to go visit Africa… See the tiger … [Read more...]