Too Much Cinnamon

Usually I really pour cinnamon on my oats like it’s going out of style, but this morning I actually poured way too much :( It didn’t taste too bad, but some bites were rather bitter. IMG_6058

This morning I woke up and slammed a Green Monster so I’d have some fuel before going to the gym. I took a spinning class. It was just okay because I wasn’t digging the music.IMG_6053

Then, Ben and I tried to make it to church…which is where our lesson of the day comes in.

Things Ben and Monica will never be:

1. Skinny*

2. Without dark chocolate (we both love this, so it’s a staple in the house)

3. On time to church

*Ben is offended by this one and says he is going to slip a tapeworm in my food so I can be skinny one day. Thanks babe. But, we both do aspire to be healthy; it’s just the “s” word is a bit of a reach :)

Around 2ish (isn’t weird how late you eat on the weekends?) we made lunch. I had a massive salad with chickpeas and peanuts. Plus some of Ben’s fried rice – it smelled too good to ignore!IMG_6059

And a piece of random cheese bread (but what I really wanted was something sweet). IMG_6063

I think this Lent thing is just making my sweets cravings crazier because now after every meal I want something sweet. Every.meal. Boo.

I’m chomping on gum, but it’s not the same as a handful of chocolate chips :(


  1. says

    Delicious eats!
    Wow, I never thought a bowl of oatmeal with too much cinnamon actually existed! Haha.
    Loved Ben’s P.S.
    Tape-Worms. Haha!
    Have an amazing day, and remember that Lent will be over soon 😉
    Brazilian XOXO’s,

  2. says

    It’s crazy how a bad set of tunes can wreck a group fitness class. Every once in awhile, my kickboxing instructor pops in this SUPER LAME set of songs from the 70’s (they aren’t even the good disco tunes) and it kills my motivation.

    I always remember this saying, “health is my priority, not thinness.”

  3. Caroline says

    i had to give up giving up sweets because i was eating a ton of other food to quelch the craving. i figured it was better to have just a bite or two of something sweet than eat a ton of other stuff instead.

  4. says

    Oh you should see my husband and I try to get to church on time. He’s really punctual and I’m we’re usually there EXACTLY when we need to be but we’re both in a bad mood–i’m mad because I fell rushed and he’s mad because we cut it too close. Sunday mornings are not pretty here. :)

  5. Rachel says

    You make me sad when you “joke” about your weight or weight loss goals like here saying you’ll never be skinny. I think its a defense mechanism for laughing off something all that time that deep down bothers you. And if it is something you really want you should always treat your goals with respect, you deserve health and happiness!

  6. says

    OMG, i love cinnamon!!! i put it in my coffee, on yogurt, on cereal, on this cottage cheese with raising thing i make for lunch.
    though i’m sure you know this, it’s been proven that cinnamon is very good for you.

  7. says

    I have to agree with Rachel! You’re a marathon runner for goodness sakes!!! I looked it up…you ran that last marathon faster than the national average for women AND you were SICK! You are amazing and you look beautiful!

  8. says

    I love cinnamon, too, and never thought there was such a thing as too much! LOL!

    I’ve maintained that I will never be skinny either, but I’m not bothered by it. I think I will get to my healthy weight and be HEALTHY. Which is way better than being skinny.

    I love cheese bread … yum!


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