Not Running and Intuitive Eating


I had a Physical Therapy appointment this afternoon (hence the tardy post). It went well and I’m planning to run 3 miles this weekend. While, 3 miles seems kinda tragic after a run 26 miles two months ago, I’ll take what I can get right now! My physical therapist has been taping my knee each session. My knee cap is shifted a bit to the outside from my imbalanced hip muscles … [Read more...]

Ben vs. Michael Pollan


Ben is very well aware of Michael Pollan’s amazing quote: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” He’s also been flipping through Pollan’s book Food Rules. But randomly as he was taking off his shirt to go to sleep last night he said: “Wear clothes, not too much, mostly pants.” Ha! ************************************************** We stayed up a little past our bed … [Read more...]

Track Time


Ben and I took a walk this afternoon. We found a high school track and thought about going for a 400m run :) But I decided not to because my knee feels a little “annoyed” and I want to keep it happy! Don’t mind me, just wearing Ben’s sweatshirt looking like a tragedy… We are dorks :) While I was out and about I got an iced coffee. I was soooo tired today! I guess … [Read more...]