Ben vs. Michael Pollan

Ben is very well aware of Michael Pollan’s amazing quote:

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”

He’s also been flipping through Pollan’s book Food Rules.IMG 6088 thumb Ben vs. Michael Pollan

But randomly as he was taking off his shirt to go to sleep last night he said:

“Wear clothes, not too much, mostly pants.”



We stayed up a little past our bed time last night and had a hard time waking up early.

So, I’m in a rush! I am going to kickboxing and then I have studying for the Personal Training exam to catch up on!! I’m super behind and need to make a study schedule if I’m ever going to get back on track.

I wasn’t hungry yet, but I knew I should eat something before kickboxing (I won’t be back home till close to 11am).

I made my one last waffle (which I’ve decided I could eat every day) with the last of my almond butter (this is cause for alarm!!!) and jelly . IMG 6086 thumb Ben vs. Michael Pollan

Now I’ve gotta go!!! See you a little bit icon smile Ben vs. Michael Pollan


  1. Ashley C says

    haha, that’s hilarious! I think Micheal Pollan should consider changing his quote to Ben’s lol

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