B. Sprout is Back

I feel like it’s been sooo long since I’ve had roasted brussel sprouts! I guess my travels last week gave me withdrawals! Well, never fear – they are back!IMG_6103

It was a whole roasted feast with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Roasted Chickpeas. I tossed the chickpeas in TJ’s teriyaki sauce mixed with red pepper flakes and soy sauce– perfect combo of sweet, salty and spicy. IMG_6110

I went back for more chickpeas since they were soooo good! IMG_6104

Today I got this question and thought I’d answer it here since I’ve been asked this several times and it’s a good one:

I was wondering if you use any protein powder ever?  I just went to the doctor for some tummy issues and she believes that I am taking in way too much fiber and not enough protein.  She also says I should up the dairy.  I am going to try to eat greek yogurt as much as I don’t like it… but I was wondering.. do you have any tips for more protein?  Or is there any one kind of product (such as protein powder) you recommend?


My favorite ways to get protein are:

Beans and rice (eaten together these foods make a complete protein)

Greek yogurt or cottage cheese: If you don’t like Greek yogurt you can eat “regular” yogurt but add a big scoop of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. This adds protein without having to eat it by itself. Also – you can add greek yogurt to smoothies!

   Sometimes I eat cottage cheese with cereal instead of milk or yogurt. And Greek yogurt with lemon curd is amazing – try it that way!

Tofu, veggie burgers: I know veggie burgers are processed, but they are easy and taste good!

Eggs: You can eat eggs for breakfast, hard boiled eggs to salads, mix egg whites into oatmeal.

Protein Powder: I do use protein powder occasionally, but usually only add it to smoothies if it’s for breakfast. You can also add it to oatmeal.

Here is the kind I have on hand right now…IMG_6114

This afternoon I was hungry and made some trail mix to enjoy. This was my go-to snack when I was losing weight a few years ago…nuts, cereal, raisins.IMG_6099 I really need to get to sleep early tonight – I’m really dragging today.

See you tomorrow.


  1. says

    So random, but I know you love your brussel sprouts. I just tried them for the first time the other day and really liked them. I was wondering how you roast them (what you put on them, how long you leave them in, etc.). My mom always steams them so we wanted to try something new.

  2. Sarah W. says

    I’m shocked that your readers doctor suggested more protein & more dairy. Thats absolutely rediculous. Not knowing specifically WHAT digestive issues your reader has, right off the bat I would ELIMINATE dairy, EXCEPT for maybe greek yogurt 1x daily for the probiotics, up the beans, whole grains, veggies/fruits, and DECREASE the meat. I’ve had digestive issues for as long as I can remember, and I find that when I eat too much dairy, they come back.

  3. says

    I really have to try roasted chickpeas sometime – you always make them look so good!

    A few people I work with are hardcore into protein and they usually do it with protein shakes, egg whites, and lean meats. Personally, I try to eat balanced with plenty of fibre AND protein, so I really like making black bean burgers (great on top of a salad!), egg sandwiches, bean soups, or even adding a scoop of vanilla protein powder to a shake when I know I may not get enough protein in a day.

    You definitely have to balance it all though … I tried getting a ton of protein based on the advice of a coworker and I felt so sick! My stomach did NOT like the change!

    Listen to your body and see what works – that’s my motto!


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