Salads and Fake Outs


Sometimes I’ll take a picture of food, but then decide to eat something else. So, today I kinda feel like I’m “faking you out” with this picture of popcorn. I meant to have it with my salad, but ended up eating a piece of bread with PB and chocolate chips instead. Oops! That’s right, I am on the biggest salad kick right now. I can’t get enough of these huge bowls of wonderful … [Read more...]



I have a few confessions to make… I know I’m normally brutally honest on Run, Eat, Repeat but I have let some information slip recently. Including the fact that I dropped Ben’s bagel on the floor this morning, but still gave it to him to eat. Three Second Rule?!?! Also, I picked at a pimple on my face and have been avoiding pictures at all costs! Permanent scar?! My … [Read more...]

All the help I can get


I think I may be fighting off getting sick. I was really really tired all afternoon, even after two huge iced coffees! So tonight I drank one of the POM Wonderful juices the company sent me. I’m hoping the vitamins and anti-oxidants in this will help kill off any lurking illness. Dinner was tofu tacos – this time I didn’t use a seasoning packet, but seasoned the tofu … [Read more...]