I have a few confessions to make… I know I’m normally brutally honest on Run, Eat, Repeat but I have let some information slip recently.

Including the fact that I dropped Ben’s bagel on the floor this morning, but still gave it to him to eat. Three Second Rule?!?!IMG_6140

Also, I picked at a pimple on my face and have been avoiding pictures at all costs! Permanent scar?!IMG_6148

My last confession of the day is that I went on an interview while I was out in California. I was super excited about it because I knew I was perfect for the position, but I found out I was the second runner up and they went with someone else. Boo.

But, I’m happy to confess that I’m moving on continuing my job search – the fight continues!

This morning Ben and I got up bright and early to hit the apartment’s gym. I walked on the treadmill while contemplating life, liberty and pursuit. Then, came back to reality and made breakfast.

I couldn’t decide between Hot or Cold (Fickle much?) so I went with both!

I made a Green Monster… I am in love with these right now and can’t wait to live in a warmer climate where I will enjoy them year ‘round.IMG_6142

I also made a packet of Simple Harvest oatmeal. I think this is the key to my oatmeal love right now. The oats I usually make are so heavy and not sweet, but this stuff is sweet and not too big of a bowl.IMG_6144 I think this breakfast can remind me something about what I believe. You don’t have to decide between hot and cold or work and fun or money and something you love to do 😉 IMG_6146

I have always said you can have it all! And I’m working on it :)

I am sooooo looking forward to moving somewhere warm and doing something I love and am good at!


  1. says

    I feel you on the job situation, sister. I just got my degree in K-6 Education, but I am teaching Group Exercise, and absolutely love it and know that I want to be in fitness. It is just not worth me being miserable doing something that pays well, as opposed to something I love for a little less. Gotta stay happy!!!!

    Love the smoothie, oatmeal, and the brutal honesty.

    I know you will shine! We just both have to keep looking and fighting!! 😉

    -Blogger Boy

  2. says

    I like confessions. This morning, I shattered my favorite bowl with oatmeal and peanut butter in it. Because I was almost out of that particular peanut butter, I saved all I could. Here’s to hoping there wasn’t broken glass!

  3. says

    I do the three second + rule all the time. I’m not dead yet so I think it’s legit.

    As for the job, I can totally relate. I’m currently job hunting and it major sucks. Just keep at it and good things will come!

  4. says

    I picked a zit yesterday morning before work and that sucker bled like the dickens. I guess a dried blood blob on my chin is better than a white head…right?

    Folow your dreams and do what makes you happy, you deserve it!!

  5. Lauren says

    Hey Monica,
    How does your knee feel when you work out? Does it hurt to even walk on it? (Warning: vent ahead) My plantar fasciitis is ruining my life. I haven’t been able to run in almost two weeks. It’s even affected the way that I walk… I’ve been close to bawling in public places. I hate injuries. How do the folks on The Biggest Loser go from being completely sedentary to working out 6-10 hours/day and not get injured?!? Watching them run on the treadmill last night almost put me over the edge. *sob* (/vent)

    Your Green Monsters always look so much more appetizing than mine. Also, thanks for the tip about putting protein powder in oatmeal–I’ve never thought about doing that. I should.

    • says

      No, my knee doesn’t hurt when I walk. It was weird in that it mostly only hurt when I ran except for the occasional pain during kickboxing or walking a lot.

      Have you been to the doctor yet for your foot? I think the only thing for you to do for now is really baby it = tons of rest, try to elevate it every time you are sitting down (TV, school, work) if possible and ice if it’s swollen.

      Sometimes just taking a few solid days off from activity allows swelling to subside and pain to go away.

      Good luck and hang in there :)

      • Lauren says

        Yes, I went to an orthopedist last week and saw a physical therapist a couple of times. The PT thinks that all of my heel problems are actually a result of slouching and general inflexibility in my lower back. He’s having me do lower back stretches (basically yoga poses) every hour and I must admit, they do help. It just seems so weird that slouching could cause heel pain…

  6. ida says

    gah- sorry about the job:( I’, waiting to hear back about a position to, I understand the stress. Hopefully something even better is coming your way.

  7. says

    Sorry about not getting the job. I know what that feels like. But hopefully everything will work out for the best and you’ll find something you truly love in a place where you’ll be very happy to live. :)

  8. says

    As long as you avoid excess and don’t go to extremes, you can DEFINITELY have it all :) Also, I’m the worst about giving in and picking pimples. Such a bad habit, I know, but I just can’t help it.

  9. says

    I pick my pimples all the time. Bad me. That very well might explain my scar-filled face.

    I’m super sorry about the job. But something will come up! You’ll get there soon – be patient my friend :-)

    3-second rule, 5-second rule..I follow them all.

    How’s your knee treating you???

  10. says

    3-second rule, totally acceptable! I am sorry to hear about your job, but that just means something better is out there for you! I am in a similar situation: the hubby and I hate where we live, but I am in law school-so no moving. Living in limbo makes me so anxious!

  11. says

    Sorry to hear about the job situation, but I think it just means there is something EVEN better for you. I bet the boss would have been crazy anyway 😉

  12. says

    I agree that Green Monsters are slightly more enjoyable, but I’ve been having them without fail every morning for breakfast, even if our cold Chicago winter, and I wouldn’t want to start my day any other way! :)

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