Salads and Fake Outs

Sometimes I’ll take a picture of food, but then decide to eat something else. So, today I kinda feel like I’m “faking you out” with this picture of popcorn. I meant to have it with my salad, but ended up eating a piece of bread with PB and chocolate chips instead. Oops!IMG_6159

That’s right, I am on the biggest salad kick right now. I can’t get enough of these huge bowls of wonderful :) Don’t worry, underneath the roasted chickpeas and tofu scramble there are veggies!

IMG_6154 When I attempted to pull up the blinds for some better lighting a whole piece broke off and almost feel in my salad!IMG_6158

That was a close call, and now I have a majorly broken window covering. Darn. Ummm, what security deposit?IMG_6156

BreatheFood Rules: This time make your own!


  1. says

    All of the blinds in our house (which we rent) are jacked up. I figure they are way less expensive to fix then other things we could have broken. And on the bright side the broken blinds *almost* went into your salad, it could have turned out way worse!

  2. says

    We rent and I burned our counter tops. It was a “save my hand or the counter top” moment and I chose my hand.
    That’s what security deposits are for!

    Your salad looks tasty; I need to roast some chickpeas asap.

  3. says

    I’ve been on a salad kick lately too (yesterday I blogged about the best salad ever!!)

    Sorry to hear about your blinds! Everything in my house is broken, it’s old!

  4. says

    That salad looks great!

    Don’t worry about the blinds– I lived with a cat all throughout college who liked to shred mini blinds!! You can replace them at Walmart or Target for less than $20. Our landlord told us he’d do it for $100, so that’s a big savings to do it yourself! (and it’s really easy) :)

  5. Sarah W/. says

    our cat broke our mini blinds -they cost $5 at Home Depot/Lowes to repace – just take the measurements and go to the store to get the right ones. white mini blinds – pretty simple. just fix it before they do the “walk thru” cheaper for you to replace. they will just charge up the wazoo

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