What I Learned from NOT Running


My Physical Therapist gave me clearance to try and run this weekend. The rules were: 1. Stop if it hurts at all 2. Make it a short run (preferably run/walk) 3. Pay attention to how it responds after Well, this morning I was so excited for my first run in over a month! Last night I laid out my running gear and I was ready to do this. But – once again the MD weather flipped … [Read more...]

Lunch at Costco


This afternoon I met up with Elisabeth of Jogger’s Life for a trip to ULTA. I had never been there before and was so impressed with that place. I definitely need to go back! Today I only bought Nair, so I’m sure Elisabeth’s initial impression of me is: “hairy”. I swear there’s more to me than that! Kinda. After our lunchtime shopping trip I was hungry, but had more errands … [Read more...]