Lunch at Costco

This afternoon I met up with Elisabeth of Jogger’s Life for a trip to ULTA. I had never been there before and was so impressed with that place. I definitely need to go back!

Today I only bought Nair, so I’m sure Elisabeth’s initial impression of me is: “hairy”.

I swear there’s more to me than that! Kinda.

After our lunchtime shopping trip I was hungry, but had more errands to run. Luckily, I brought my lunch from yesterday. I ate PB&J and samples while walking around Costco. Don’t Judge.IMG_6210

I also ate these leftover brussel sprouts after kickboxing. What? This isn’t a normal snack after the gym??IMG_6209

This afternoon I did more errands and ate an apple and almond butter on bread. I know, I need more variety in my life.

Ben was sick of my cooking so he suggested we go out tonight. We hit up On The Border. I didn’t mean to eat so many chips, but no one ever does I guess…


Ben is obsessed with guacamole and I have to admit my avocado obsession too. He asked the waitress where the avocados came from and she found out: California. Of course :)

I got a salad because I thought I hadn’t eaten any veggies today. I guess I forgot about the brussels!IMG_6215

And salmon = the main reason I’m not a true vegetarian. IMG_6216

Sorry I was kinda MIA today. I hope everyone had a really great Friday :)

My big plans for the weekend include a surprise and getting our taxes done…

See ya tomorrow!


  1. says

    Oh…and if On The Border can get California avocados, why can’t MOM’s??!! I’ve been waiting for U.S. avocados at that place for MONTHS, and there hasn’t been a single one.

  2. says

    My favorite ever post-workout fuel was corn! Veggies are amazing :)
    Does Nair actually work for you? I’ve tried stuff like that before with little to no success :(
    Don’t remind me about doing filling out tax stuff! I owe like $500 this year :(

  3. says

    My typical post-workout snack is carrots and hummus. Veggies are perfect! I love On the Border, I always fill up on the chips and salsa before my meal comes. Mexican makes good leftovers though!

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