French Fries and Cookies

I love walking around health food stores and checking out all the goods. I can spend hours in places like WF or my local Mom’s Organic Market. I can also spend way too much money on all that good stuff!!

I scored a nice sample of granola while walking around the store… It was so good I really considered buying it, but then I remembered that granola can be dangerous in my house.IMG 6238 thumb French Fries and Cookies

Before I went bankrupt, I mean – to MOM’s, I ate almond butter on whole wheat with yogurt and blubes. IMG 6232 thumb French Fries and Cookies The blueberries I bought from Costco are majorly sour and not good. Boo. I really don’t want to eat them, but I hate to just throw them away.IMG 6231 thumb French Fries and Cookies

The rest of the day was very random and I snacked a lot. The highlights of the day included some of Ben’s Chik-fil-A fries…IMG 6235 thumb French Fries and Cookies

And a chocolate chip  cookie I got from the health food store. Yes, fries and cookies – it was one of those days and I don’t want to discuss…IMG 6239 thumb French Fries and CookiesWhen I was vegan I would go to health food stores seeking vegan sweets like this all the time. I think I was trying to fill a void with these desserts and justified eating them since they were vegan.

Now I realize vegan treats have as many calories and fat as “normal” desserts – but they are made with better ingredients and super yummy icon smile French Fries and Cookies


  1. says

    oh the “halo effect” it gets the best of us. way to recognize it. i seriously get so impressed with your objectivity over these things :)

    bummer about the blueberries. i’m the same way and probably wouldn’t have thrown them out either. i’ve actually drank spoiled milk before for fear of “wasting it” oh silly me!

  2. says

    When fruit is not sweet enough for me, I like to cook it up to bring out the natural sugars.

    I worry about it when I have those days where I just eat lots of junk but now I trust myself to feel gross the next day and be eager to get back on track.

  3. Christy says

    You know you can take the berries back to Costco. I’ve done it before, and I know it sounds petty but sometimes I think, why should I force myself to eat something awful? You can do that with most any grocery store.

  4. says

    I loove blueberries I can’t wait until they’re back in season, they’re seriously all i eat in the summer, maybe you could make something out of the blooobs since they’re not that great?

  5. Ashley C says

    Your day sounds VERY similar to mine— but mine was french fries, snickers, and brownies. AHHH So frustrating to always be starting back at square one! Thanks for discussing it without discussing it to know I’m not alone :-(

  6. says

    those cookies are too good. can’t help but want to make excuses to eat them all the time; such better ingredients to boot!

    I hope today is a great day for you Monica!

  7. says

    ive come to realize that granola and cereal cannot be in my house.. anytime i buy it .. im like “okay one serving at a time” once the box is opened .. ah forget it .. its gone in a day

  8. says

    I know what you mean about not wanting to waste the sour blueberries. I put some sour strawberries (not knowing they were sour) in my oatmeal yesterday morning; and it was almost inedible!

  9. says

    I spend hours in pretty much any grocery store, but WF and my local Plum Market really get the best of me. Since starting my blog I tend to buy different things, which many times are more expensive than what I would regularly buy. I guess my priorities have changed :)

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