Not the full story


The pictures of my eats today definitely don’t show the full story. I had this “third grade lunch” of PB&J, carrots and yogurt. But – I added hummus to the carrots and chia seeds & cereal to the yogurt too! Then, I went for a long walk to enjoy this amazing weather we’re having :) It makes me happy. When I got back I felt hungry and grabbed a handful of PB … [Read more...]

Hot Sauce Love


I only discovered my love for hot sauce in the last two years. Even though I grew up in Pico Rivera (where there was an earthquake this morning!!!), in a Mexican household that was never short on salsa or Tapatio I always stayed away from anything remotely hot. But now that I have opened up my world to hot sauce I can’t get enough! I currently have five different kinds of it … [Read more...]

Rule #34: Don’t Buy It


Healthy Living Rule #34: If you don’t want to eat it, Don’t buy it. This is a simple rule, but one I sometimes break. Like I did today for example. I just ran into the store for one thing. Yes, I actually ran. Now I that I have clearance from the PT I run everywhere = around the supermarket aisles, in church, to my car in the parking lot. Kidding. Of course I came out … [Read more...]