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The pictures of my eats today definitely don’t show the full story. I had this “third grade lunch” of PB&J, carrots and yogurt. But – I added hummus to the carrots and chia seeds & cereal to the yogurt too! IMG 6297 thumb Not the full story

Then, I went for a long walk to enjoy this amazing weather we’re having icon smile Not the full story It makes me happy.

When I got back I felt hungry and grabbed a handful of PB pretzels with extra PB plus a bag of popcorn. No pic = not the full story of eats icon sad Not the full story

Truthfully, that happens a lot around here. I have a bad habit if grabbing handfuls of cereal, chips or trail mix that never get documented on the blog. It’s not that big of a deal – but they really do add up (especially with my HUGE hands!).

Then, I ate cottage cheese with pineapple and cereal x2. I love this snack, but always forget to buy cottage cheese at the store! I know this picture isn’t that appetizing. Hey, they can’t all be winners folks…IMG 6298 thumb Not the full story

I have no idea what to make for dinner. I want to use up some pantry items I already have on hand like – lentils, rice and tomatoes. We’ll see what it becomes in a bit.

What’s for Dinner? If you don’t know what to make for dinner, but know which ingredients you want to use check out:  Recipe Matcher or Recipe Key.

On those sites you plug in the ingredient(s) you want to use, then it suggests recipes! Genius!! I hate when recipes call for fancy stuff I don’t have on hand. This is a great way to use what you have without spending extra money too icon smile Not the full story


  1. says

    that is a great idea considering I don’t really own many spices or anything fancy.

    hows that yogurt? i have so many of those damn yoplaits in my fridge but you basically spoiled my desire for them last night. thanks a lot!

    P.s. Did you ever try those chili covered mangoes I recommended?

  2. says

    i’ve tried those recipe generators but they always kinda fail on me. maybe i should try again.

    and i’m guilty of those handfuls too. we should start a club.

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