Dark Chocolate and Jammies

Some days I’m not going to stop eating ate eight (even though I think I’m really onto something with the idea)…some days call for dark chocolate and jammies well into the evening. This was one of those nights.IMG 6329 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

This afternoon I wanted to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day, but green beer isn’t my thing.

But all is not lost because -  carbs are icon wink Dark Chocolate and Jammies

I hit up Great Harvest for a loaf of their soda bread. I actually had never tried soda bread before I attempted to make it on Sunday. And I wanted to see if I actually made it “right”. The answer is = No I didn’t. Mine was tragic compared to GH’s!IMG 6320 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

They gave me the biggest sample while I was in the store and I grabbed another hunk off the loaf when I got home. I am going to try and pawn it off on Ben as much as possible so I don’t eat it all.IMG 6318 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

My lunch was leftovers from last night’s lentils and rice. I also added carrots with hummus.IMG 6317 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

When I got home I took a walk with a good book. IMG 6323 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

I just finished The Alchemist. Susan said this book changed her life so I had really high expectations for it. Ummm, yeah she set the bar a little too high.IMG 6322 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

This evening Ben and I finished up our taxes and then went out to eat at Pei Wei.

I got some spicy noodle dish that I’ve gotten before and I don’t know why I keep making this mistake icon sad Dark Chocolate and Jammies It’s not flavorful, just spicy. I appreciate spice, but you can make things tasty and spicy. C’mon.IMG 6326 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

Ben ordered crab wontons and I had one icon smile Dark Chocolate and Jammies These were good.IMG 6325 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

I also stole some of his coconut curry rice because it was amazing and better than mine.IMG 6327 thumb Dark Chocolate and Jammies

Okay, I’ve got to get back to my chocolate…


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      Thank.You. I hate when I would have liked something, but the expectations were set sooo high by other reviews. Same thing happened when I saw Slumdog Millionaire…

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    i’ve never even heard of the alchemist. even though the bar was set wayyy high for you would it be worth reading? i don’t even know what it’s about haha

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        There’s a girl at my gym who reads while running on the treadmill and reads while lifting weights. I have also seen her outside the gym, walking across the street reading a book, while cars screech to a halt.
        She’s still alive as far as I know.

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    omg i’ve been dying for great harvest irish soda bread. i got it last year and it was absolutely amazing. they give the most generous samples and it’s seriously the best bread in the world. yummm im craving some. i just gotta get my booty over to GH

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    Love Pei Wei but have never had anything other than their pad thai.

    I’ve never had Irish soda bread but that looks too good to pass up. Lucky for me, there is a GH in walking distance to me!

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